Harrows Wolfram Infinity 23g Darts

Introduction: Harrows Darts Technology introduces the Wolfram Infinity, a successor to the lauded original Wolfram darts. After six years of the original's celebrated reign, the Infinity emerges to captivate the market with its state-of-the-art design and improved functionality.

Barrel Design and Construction: The Wolfram Infinity darts retain the iconic slim barrel that made the original a favourite among players. Manufactured from 97% tungsten using precision injection moulding, these darts achieve a remarkable balance of strength and sleekness. The 50.00mm barrel length and 6.70mm diameter make for a comfortable fit in the hand, while the specialty barrel shape enhances aerodynamics.

Grip and Texture: Japanese CNC machines meticulously craft each dart barrel to create an intense, all-over grip. This meticulous process ensures each dart possesses a consistent surface for a precise and consistent release, a critical factor for players who value accuracy and a predictable flight path.

Visual Appeal: Harrows takes the aesthetic of these darts to new heights with a dual-tone finish. The striking black titanium nitride is accented with a vivid red metallic coating, offering a visual appeal that matches the darts' technical excellence. This combination not only enhances the grip but also makes a bold statement in style.

Performance: On the board, the Wolfram Infinity darts deliver unparalleled precision. The expertly engineered grip and balanced weight distribution allow for a seamless throwing experience, catering to both seasoned players and those looking to up their game.

Conclusion: The Wolfram Infinity darts set a new standard for both seasoned enthusiasts and competitive players. With their exceptional build quality, cutting-edge design, and visually stunning finish, they are engineered to excel. Harrows has indeed elevated the legacy of the Wolfram line, offering a dart that promises to leave a lasting impact on the game.

Rating: 4.9/5