Review of Target Yohkoh 01 22g Darts

Target Yohkoh 01 22g Darts – Excellence in Every Throw

The Target Yohkoh 01 22g darts blend a unique style with unparalleled performance, making them a standout choice for both novice and seasoned players. The Yohkoh series is known for its meticulous design focused on achieving perfection in balance and precision, and these darts are no exception.

Design & Features:

  • Barrel: Made from 80% tungsten, these darts offer a sturdy feel and excellent grip. The barrel length is 52mm with a diameter of 6.5mm. The specialty shape, coupled with detailed radial grooves, ensures that every throw is both comfortable and controlled.
  • Coating & Finish: The darts feature a black PVD performance coating enhanced by a unique sandblasting technique, providing a distinctive matte finish. The radial grooves are re-machined after coating to expose striking silver highlights, giving these darts a vibrant and appealing look.
  • Shafts and Flights: Finished with Target Pro Grip shafts and eye-catching Yohkoh signature flights, these darts are designed to maintain trajectory and minimize drag, increasing accuracy and consistency of play.

Performance: The Target Yohkoh 01 22g darts are designed for players who value precision and style. The meticulous crafting around the barrel ensures a grip that accommodates various throwing techniques and enhances player control. Whether you're practicing at home or competing in a tournament, these darts promise to deliver performance that can help elevate your game.