Browse the Deadeye Darts range of professional-quality products by Winmau. With an incredible portfolio of steel tip darts, soft tip darts, flights and accessories, Winmau is a fan-favourite among amateurs and professionals alike. A true household name in the industry, Winmau proudly offers a range of champion-level darts, endorsed and designed by the most acclaimed players on the planet. Looking for a solid all-rounder to improve your game? Try the Maverick series of steel tip darts for brilliant performance at affordable prices. Or go full flair and fire, and pick up your own set of Simon Whitlock Special Edition steel tip darts instead.

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Winmau Darts & Accessories

The Winmau Range available at Deadeye Darts features all the darts and accessories you need to play like the pros. Whether you’re on the hunt for a heavy-hitting steel tip, a bullet-quick lightweight, or you’re trying to work out which weight is best for you [link to the Best Dart Weights page], the Winmau range has got you covered. Need a new set of premium-quality soft-tip darts for your electronic home set-up? Check out the solid range of Winmau soft tip darts. And because your darts deserve the best quality care and treatment, check out these professional Winmau dart cases and wallets.


Are Winmau Darts a popular brand?

Winmau is one of the most recognised and reputable brands in the industry. Best known for producing among the finest-quality sisal dartboards in the world, Winmau has also dominated the dart game, gaining the respect and admiration of amateur players and professionals alike.

Which Winmau dart is the best for me?

Winmau offers an enormous range of darts, suitable for every player and occasion – from casual games at home, to the world championship leagues. Check out our guide on the best Winmau darts in the market, as well as how to choose your perfect dart weight to find the Winmau dart that suits you best.

What products does Winmau make?

Winmau manufactures a wide variety of premium-quality products for all darts players. The Winmau name proudly adorns some of the best dartboards in the industry, while world champions have proudly used Winmau darts for years. Winmau produces both steel tip and soft tip darts, as well as cases to protect your pieces.