The Best Dartboards of 2023

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Like a lot of topics, the title of the best dartboard is really open to both interpretation and really is a matter of opinion. We have managed to round up what we believe are the best dartboards of 2022 available for purchase in Australia and we’ll tell you why. Be sure to check out our comprehensive expert guide of the best darts in Australia over here.

Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Dartboard

Dartboard Material

The material of a dartboard is a crucial factor in determining its overall quality. High-quality materials impact the longevity of the board as well as the gameplay. African sisal is the preferred material for state-of-the-art boards, as it boasts incredible durability and self-healing properties.

The Wire

On the best boards, you'll find a bladed wire instead of a triangular or round wire. The biggest advantage of bladed wire is that they greatly reduce the chance of a ‘bounce out’ compared with triangular or round wire.

Density and Depth

The density of the board is a tricky factor that the manufacturer must get just right. If it's too hard, the dart will have trouble penetrating the board, but if it's too soft, the darts will fall out. The board's depth is also important, as this is another element that helps prevent bounce-outs.


Black, green and red are the sport's standard colours, and the best dartboards tend to honour this tradition. Consistent colours with neatly painted segments are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the playing experience. 

The best professional dartboards

So, what are the best dartboards available to buy in 2022? We've narrowed it down to three options, Winmau Blade 6, One80 Gladiator III Plus and the Nodor Supamatch 3. All three are similar in terms of performance and are bladed-wire boards, which reduce bounce-outs by up to 90%. 

1. Winmau Blade 6

The Winmau Blade 6 is a firm board with relatively fast self-healing capabilities. It handles non-standard darts well, though aggressive grip points can leave marks. The colours in the doubles and trebles vary from board to board, and the white number ring stands out beautifully against the black outer edge. The board has adjustable feet that stop it from turning when you remove darts. However, these adjustable feet are useless if you use a non-standard mount like the Bulls Click Fix, which moves the board further away from the mounting surface. While it is excellent for playability, it can be a noisy board that amplifies the thumping sounds of darts. Overall, it is a high-quality board that is great for a home setup. 

2. One80 Gladiator III+

The Gladiator III + is another great option. It is much less noisy than the Winmau, and the finish on the board is bright and clean. Preparing it for installation is a breeze. The centre point is clearly marked with a captive nut embedded on the back, which ensures you'll hang it straight. However, the 4mm machine screw on the back may force the modification of any special mounting brackets. The Gladiator III + is an excellent board for players of all kinds.


3. Nodor SupaMatch 3 Dartboard

The Nodor is another great bladed-wire dartboard. It has a few similarities to the Winmau board, such as adjustable feet that screw out from the back of the board to lock it in place once mounted. However, its design is not as flawless as the other boards. The Nodor has lines running through the white segments, which occur when the sisal packs are pressed together during manufacturing. This doesn't impact the playability or longevity but does detract from the board's appearance. 

The Darts Collectors pick of 2021

My favourite of the three is the One80 Gladiator III+, closely followed by the Winmau Blade 6. However, there are many other great options on the market that vary in terms of brands, standards, finishes, and price points. 

To find the perfect dartboard for you, make a list of your preferred features and research options in your budget. Once you've narrowed it down, check out reviews of your top choices to see what others think of the board. You'll find a wealth of feedback online about dartboards to help you feel confident about your purchase. 

More of the Best Dartboards of 2022

Now that we've discussed the best professional boards, we can take a look at some other great options in case you’re after something more specific. Here's a list of some of our favourite non-professional boards for every type of player. 

Best Cabinet Dartboard

Cabinet dartboards are an excellent option for a home setup. These boards are built into sleek cabinets that you can hang on your wall. When it's time to play, you open the cabinet doors to reveal your board. Our favourite cabinet dartboard is the Winmau Professional Dartboard Set. The cabinet is made of a deluxe, high-quality black veneer with easy scoring panels, chalk and duster set, and a checkout table. The board itself is made of triangular diamond wires and a dense sisal base, making it an excellent board for gameplay. This set also includes darts and an oche line, providing everything you need to host game night at your place. 

Best Electronic Dartboard

Electronic dartboards are becoming increasingly popular these days. These futuristic boards are made of a plastic base covered in tiny holes where the soft-tipped darts are received. It automatically records scores and displays them on an LCD screen, making gameplay a breeze. They are easy to transport and set up, and safer than the traditional option since the darts are made of soft plastic. Our favourite electronic dartboard is the Gran Board 3S Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard. This incredible board can pair with your phone for scoring and graphics and allows you to play with people worldwide. It features stunning multicolour LED lighting, a USB port, and Bluetooth compatibility. This electronic board is the best on the market and a must-try for dart enthusiasts. 

Best Cheap Dartboard

If you're eager to create a home dart setup but hesitant to splurge on a professional board, there are many great affordable options on the market. While the quality of cheaper dartboards won't compare to professional-grade boards, they are still an excellent way to start your home setup on a budget. Our favourite affordable dartboard is the Vapor 180. Coming in at under $50, it is a total bargain. It features high-quality sisal material with rounded wiring, resulting in a durable board with a long shelf life. The anti-glare numbering and staple-free bullseye contribute to its playability and give it a classic, timeless look. 

Best Dartboard for Beginners

If you're new to the sport and looking to elevate your game, it is essential to start playing on an official tournament-sized board. You’ll want to get comfortable on a high-quality board to gain confidence in your skills and abilities. Our favourite dartboard for beginners is the Tex Darts Titan. This premium bristle board features ultra-slim bladed wires and a clean, aesthetically-pleasing design. It is relatively affordable at just over $100, yet it is high-quality and meets professional standards. This board is excellent for any beginner eager to play on a reliable board. Sleek and well-made, it will support gameplay for years.   

Dartboard Frequently Asked Questions

Which dartboard is right for me? 

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the perfect dartboard for you when there are so many great options on the market. The best way to narrow down your options is to consider your skill level and budget. If you're a passionate player willing to spend a bit more to get a professional board, we'd recommend the Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core. If you're not quite sure how often you'll use your board or if you're a beginner, we'd recommend a more affordable option, such as the One80 Vapor dartboard.

Are electronic dartboards safe? 

Electronic dartboards are incredibly safe, perhaps even more so than traditional dartboards! You use soft-tipped darts with an electronic board instead of the conventional steel-tipped. This reduces the risk of accidents and is a great option if you're worried about safety. Consider the Gran Board 3s if you're looking for a state-of-the-art electronic dartboard.

How long do dartboards last?

This will depend on how often the dartboard is used and if it is rotated on a regular basis. But if properly looked after, a high-quality board made with the gold-standard African sisal material can last for years. This durable and strong material allows you to play repeatedly without the board deteriorating. If you're looking for a board with longevity, we recommend purchasing a solid, high-quality board, such as the Formula Micro-band III or the Shot Bandit Duro Bristle.

Which dartboard is safest for kids? 

Electronic dartboards are considerably safer than their traditional counterparts because they operate with soft-tipped darts. Our favourite electronic dartboard for kids is the Formula Sports 180. It’s battery-operated, durable, safe, and affordable, making it the perfect option for young players.