Review of Target RVB 95 G4 95% Swiss Point 21g Darts

Target RVB 95 G4 95% Swiss Point 21g Darts – The Precision of a Champion

In crafting the Target RVB 95 G4 Swiss Point 21g Darts, the synergy between innovative technology and the seasoned insights of Raymond van Barneveld, a true icon of the sport, is palpable. Known as "Barney," van Barneveld has captivated the darting world with his impressive career that spans over three decades.

Design & Engineering:

  • Barrels: Crafted with 95% tungsten and featuring a unique specialty shape, each barrel measures 47mm in length and 7mm in diameter, providing a front-loaded balance that complements Barney’s smooth throw.
  • Grips: This fourth generation design incorporates three different grips (knurled, milling, and radial), ensuring maximum control. The combination of black and gold PVD coatings not only enhances the grip but also adds a visually stunning finish.
  • Technology: The dart set is equipped with the revolutionary Swiss Point system, offering easy point replacement and customization that can adapt to any player’s needs.

Raymond van Barneveld – The Player: Raymond van Barneveld, a Dutch professional darts player, is celebrated not only for his five World Championships but also for his role in popularizing darts in the Netherlands. His 2007 World Championship victory, achieved with a dramatic sudden-death leg against Phil Taylor, is particularly notable for being one of the most thrilling finals in the history of the sport. Barney's ability to perform under pressure, combined with his smooth, rhythmic throwing style, has earned him a legion of fans and numerous accolades, including multiple international titles.