The Best Darts of 2023

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Choosing the best darts for you is no small consideration. Darts come in a huge range of shapes, lengths, weights and styles, and for every variation, there’s a play style, a grip or a throw that will work best for you.

But amidst all the options out there, there are some primary elements that you can focus on to work out which darts are the best for you in your situation. Keep reading for a comprehensive take on the best darts of 2023 and then head over to our rundown of the best dartboards to ensure you are getting the most out of your new set of darts.

The Best Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts are the traditional competition standard and are the most common choice for serious dart players. That said, there is still plenty of nuance and variation when it comes to selecting the best steel tip dart for you. 

1. Red Dragon Peter Wright Euro 11

If you’re a fan of playing with pencil barrels, the Red Dragon Peter Wright Euro 11 range is one of the best around. These are available in the standard ringed barrel style for an uncomplicated style, but also come in the more grippy ‘element’ finish for a flash of colour.

Either way, the Red Dragon Peter Wright Euro 11 range is exceptionally high quality for a great price point. The range is also very nicely balanced, despite being a longer style of dart, with a simple, functional design that makes for easy throwing.

Best dart red dragon peter wright euro 11


2. Red Dragon Gerwyn Price Range

The Gerwyn Price range by Red Dragon is another great option, whether you’re keener on collecting or playing. And with a huge range of striking, stylised features, this range is sure to make you stand out from the pack. Some especially eye-catching options from this range include the Thunder, Iceman and Back to Black darts.

Beyond stylistic differences, this range also has something to offer for every type of player out there, with a plethora of shaft patterns, weights and grip profiles. And despite being the choice pick for a top contender, the Gerwyn Price range won’t break the bank.


3. Red Dragon Johnny Clayton Range

The Jonny Clayton range is also a great option for players who like to put a bit of style into their throws. These darts are certainly striking, but have a slightly more geometric look, playing on stripes and juxtaposed colours.

Out of the Johhny Clayton range, it’s the Johnny Clayton Gold that takes the top pick. This spectacular dart not only looks fantastic, but it also flies true and is a joy to throw.

4. Target Adrian Lewis SP

The Adrian Lewis SP range is one of Target’s best-playing dart collections. It’s a fuss-free range with a few boasting a sleek black finish and blue highlights for a stylish play. 

These pencil-barrelled darts are also incredibly well balanced and come equipped with Swiss point technology, which means you can adjust the point length and overall balance whenever you need to. This added element of customisability makes them a strong choice for professionals as well as hobbyists looking to up their game.

Adrian Lewis Black SP 22 Gram Dart

The Best Specialty-Shaped Darts

While there is plenty of variation among the more conventionally-shaped darts, there’s also a wide world of specialty-shaped darts for players who have cultivated a unique and personal style.

1. Winmau Simon Whitlock Onyx

The Winmau Simon Whitlock Onyx range is a collector’s dream. They’re sleek, powerful and eye-popping, featuring the salient contrast of black and gold for maximum flair. 

Better yet they’re also a fantastic range to throw, with excellent balance, high-quality inclusions and a standout black-coated steel tip. The only downside of this gorgeous range is that the coating on the steel tip is likely to wear quickly as you play. And these aren’t the type of fine tools you want to keep forever in the display case! Check out all the best Winmau darts here.Winmau Simon Whitlock Onyx Dart

2. Red Dragon Peter Wright Black Racer and Red Dragon Marlin

These two fantastic darts are grouped together on account of their similar shapes. They’re also both great fun to play with and very nicely balanced.

Between these two Red Dragon beauties, it’s the Marlin that takes the lead on colour and styling, with electric blue contrasted with a brushed black. The Black Racer is nothing to wink at, either, with its high-quality, precision machining and sleek silhouette.

Red dragon Marlin Dart

3. Target RVB Gen 4

This fine dart takes machine detailing to the extreme. Its front-weighted barrel features multiple textures and finishes which make for a beautiful profile. Its black, gold and silver colouring also make it a seriously eye-catching number.

On top of its appearance, the Target RVB Gen 4 also plays beautifully. It’s perfectly balanced and easy to throw. This one is well worth the higher price point.

Target RVB 95 Swiss Point Dart

4. Legend Pro Series V8 Tapered

The Legend Pro Series V8 Tapered darts are a natural favorite for any conventional player comfortable with more weighty steel tips. The simple, sleek design makes for a no-fuss play, while the torpedo-shaped, front-weighted shaft is a joy to throw.

This is a great-quality dart at a fantastic price point.

Legend Pro Series V8 Dart

The Best Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts may not always be the pick for more serious, competitive players, but there’s still a huge range of high-quality darts of this style out there. There are also plenty of good reasons to invest in some great soft tip darts that you can get behind, like if you’re thinking about getting an electric board or have some kids who want to get involved in the game.

1. Red Dragon Gerwyn Price Thunder

Just like the steel tip variant, the Red Dragon Gerwyn Price soft tip range is phenomenal. The aptly named Thunder features a striking yellow motif for flashes of colour with each throw.

They’re also nicely balanced with great grip and a stylish profile. All in all, they’re a great-value soft tip dart.

Red Dragon Gerwyn Soft Tip Dart

2. Target Gabriel Clemens 80%

The Gabriel Clemens soft tip by Target is distinguished by its machine finish, precise and bursting with colour. Like Target’s steel tip range, this soft tip dart is well balanced and plays nicely.

The machining on this shaft also allows for multiple grip styles and is well-suited to conventional players.

Target Gabriel Clemens Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

3. Winmau MVG Authentic 20g

The signature throw of the controversial player for whom they are named, these darts are no joke for lovers of the soft tip.

The bright steel surfaces present a stark contrast with the matte grey, evoking a sophisticated style. The MVG Authentic darts are also perfectly balanced and suit a range of grip styles.

Winmau Michael Van Gerwen Soft Tip Dart

4. Legend Eric Bristow Silver Knurled 21g

These darts are a masterclass in style. The bright, shimmering finish is utterly unique in the field and the knurled texture pays off in terms of looks and grip.

This grip texture is certainly not for everyone, but the shaft is impeccably balanced and offers a clean release.

Legend Eric Bristow Silver Knurled Soft Tip Dart

The Best Darts For Beginners

The best darts to learn with are the darts that you find comfortable to play with. For many beginner players, brass tips might sound appealing on account of their affordability. But for players with a firm throw from the outset, brass darts might feel a little too light.

But no matter the material, the most important thing to consider when buying your first set of darts is balance. You should aim for a standard length shaft within the weight range of 22 to 25 grams. You’ll also want to consider a dart with a neutral-shaped grip, such as a pencil grip.

1. Harrows Black Arrow Range

If you’re keen to start with brass, but you’re still after quality and value for money, some of the best picks are found in the Harrows Black Arrow Range

These darts are reliable, and comfortably placed within that ideal weight range. They also look fantastic and feature an ornate, etched grip and black finish.

Harrows Black Arrow Steel Tip Beginner Dart

2. Deadeye Thunder range

Similarly, if you’re looking to skip the typical beginner’s brass and go for a tungsten set, you’ll still want to aim for the standard traditional make. That also means aiming for the standard weight of 22 to 25 grams and pencil shafts.

When it comes to beginner’s tungsten darts, the Deadeye Thunder range features a number of strong contenders. With this range, you’ve got a good variety of grips, finishes and shapes to choose from. You can also count on good quality flights and accessories with this range.

Deadeye Thunder Range Darts for Beginners

The Best Dart Shafts

Just like any other aspect of darts, the length of shaft that you play with depends ultimately on your own personal taste. Most manufacturers will classify their darts as extra short, short, medium, long and extra long. What’s more, depending on the maker, these standard lengths can vary by 2 or 3 mm.

The balance of the darts is also affected by the material the darts are made of. All this considered, the important thing is that you don’t limit your options to a narrow playing style. A good range of shafts are

The Best Dart Flights

Flights are similar to dart shafts in that they also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Small differences in size can also have a significant impact on how fast the darts fly, how much drag they experience and the resultant entry angle into the board.

Some standard flight shapes include the Big Wing, No2, No6 and Ten-X, and these flights will generally exert the same effects on your dart.

Alternatively, flights like the Vapor and Vapor S tend to make your darts land on the board with the tip pointing up and the flight down. 

Once again, the important thing is to make sure your flights suit your playstyle and are a pleasure to use.

There’s also the matter of appearance. The flights are a significant portion of any dart, so any stylistic elements on this end will have a big effect on the overall look of your dart. Some fantastic picks include

The Best Professional Darts

Overall, the best darts you can choose will be the ones that are the most fun to play with. But from a professional standpoint, and considering all the features that are most important to deliberate on, the best professional darts of 2022 are the Red Dragon Peter Wright Supa Venom and the Red Dragon Gerwyn Price Thunderbolt.

Both of these are fantastic choices and come decked out with a range of desirable features. They’re perfectly balanced and have striking stylistic elements. Their grips are also simple, and strong-performing. Overall, these darts are a fantastic choice and work beautifully for the widest range of players.

Darts FAQs

Which type of darts are the safest? 

Generally speaking, the safest types of darts are soft tip darts. Unlike steel tip darts, soft tips aren’t likely to cause serious harm if a stray throw is to happen. Whichever type of dart you go for, the most important thing is to set up a safe playing environment to minimise the chances of harm.

What type of shaft is best?

If you’re trying to figure out the best dart shaft for you, the only way is through trial and error. That said, shafts that facilitate a range of grip styles with a good balance are great because they let you develop your own comfortable style and don’t box you into a specific type of play.

How long do darts last?

The longevity of your darts will depend on a number of factors, including material, quality and make. Tungsten darts are generally more durable than brass darts, while steel tips and soft tips will degrade at different rates depending on how you play. Of all the elements of the dart, the flights are most likely to need replacing.

Are brass darts better to learn on?

The best darts to learn on are the ones that are comfortable to use. That said, tungsten darts are the more common standard, and have a very different density to brass darts. If you’re serious about darts, it may be better to learn with tungsten darts.