Review of Unicorn Premier James Wade 20g Darts

Unicorn Premier James Wade 20g Darts – The "Machine" Precision

Step into the winning circle with Unicorn Premier James Wade 20g Darts, meticulously designed for the dart player who demands precision, performance, and style. James Wade, known as "The Machine", is one of the most consistent players in the darting world, celebrated for his cool demeanour and clinical finishes under pressure.

Design & Quality:

  • Barrels: Precision engineered, 90% tungsten barrels boast a sleek 52.30mm length and 6.10mm diameter, delivering a pencil shape for a firm, consistent grip. These are the very barrels that represent James Wade's methodical approach to the game.
  • Grip & Signature: Each barrel is exquisitely engraved with James Wade's signature, reflecting his personal touch and commitment to the sport.
  • Components: Equipped with the signature Gripper Shafts and James Wade Ultrafly Flights, these darts ensure aerodynamic perfection with every throw.

James Wade – The Player: James Wade is not just a darts player; he is a phenomenon of the game. With multiple major titles under his belt, his nickname "The Machine" aptly reflects his efficient and relentless approach to the game. Wade's left-handed throw and exceptional counting ability make him a formidable opponent, known for seizing every opportunity to outmanoeuvre the competition.