Harrows Magnum Reloaded 23 gram Steel Tip Darts

Design & Aesthetics: The Magnum Reloaded darts are a modern take on a classic, boasting a new cubic grip that's both effective and aesthetically pleasing without being overly aggressive. The slim, parallel barrels provide excellent grouping and are coated with a sleek black titanium nitride, highlighting the darts' exceptional craftsmanship.

Construction & Quality: Crafted from 97% tungsten, the Magnum Reloaded darts promise a high-end experience with their injection-moulded barrels offering a sturdy and tactile feel. The attention to detail is evident in the darts' construction, making them a standout choice for any darter seeking quality and precision.

Performance: Reviewers have noted that the darts fly nicely into the board, suggesting an optimized weight distribution that benefits players of all skill levels. The darts are supplied with Silver Supergrip Carbon midi shafts and 100 micron Prime flights, enhancing their flight stability and overall performance.

Overall Impression: The Harrows Magnum Reloaded darts are highly praised for their quality, grip, and design, offering a premium throwing experience at a competitive price point. They come highly recommended for those looking for a top-tier dart set that combines traditional elements with modern enhancements.