Review of Target Phil Taylor Power 9-Five G7 22g Swiss Point Steel Tip Darts

Immerse yourself in the legacy of a darting legend with the Target Phil Taylor Power 9-Five G7 22g Swiss Point Steel Tip Darts. Synonymous with the unmatched prowess of the 16-time World Champion, these darts are a tribute to Phil Taylor's enduring impact on the sport and his relentless pursuit of perfection.

General Description: Target's Phil Taylor Power 9-Five G7 darts embody the essence of excellence. The 95% tungsten construction affords a slim and sleek design, enabling tighter shot grouping and maximizing scoring opportunities on the board. These darts are masterfully crafted with precision CNC milling, evident at the nose of the barrel, which pairs with a silver titanium nitride coating to offer an unrivaled grip and a long-lasting finish. The hand-sandblasted sections at the rear enhance the dart's distinct matte texture, offering a superior hold and consistent release.

Barrel Specifications:

  • Material: Ultra-dense 95% tungsten offers a slim profile for minimal air resistance.
  • Weight: A finely tuned 22-gram mass provides a substantial feel without undue heaviness, promoting a smooth throwing motion.
  • Length: The compact 40.00mm barrel length ensures swift aerodynamic travel to the board.
  • Diameter: At 7.65mm, the barrel diameter is optimized for strategic finger placement, essential for precision aiming.
  • Shape: The specialty shape, borrowing elements from the Generation 4 design, delivers a unique balance, tailored to the preferences of ‘The Power’.

Experience & Technology: Engage in a darting experience befitting a champion; each throw with the G7s is a nod to Taylor's precision on the oche. Swiss Point technology sets these darts apart, offering rapid point replacement and customization, guaranteeing that your darts are always match-ready, with an assurance that your points remain secure throw after throw.