The Best Dartboards of 2022

Like a lot of topics, the title of the best dartboard is really open to both interpretation and really is a matter of opinion. We have managed to round up what we believe are the best dartboards of 2022 available for purchase in Australia and we’ll tell you why.

What are the factors to consider in finding the best dartboard? 


Material is important because it determines not only how long the board will last but also the quality of the actual surface and depth of the board. African sisal is the preferred material as the benefits of durability and self-healing properties are important.

The Wire

A "bladed" wire is the preferred option as "bounce outs" are greatly reduced as opposed to using a triangular or round wire.

The Depth and Density

This is vitally important as the depth helps to prevents bounce outs, density determines how hard the dartboard is, too soft and darts fall out, too hard and the dart has a problem in penetrating the board.


Black, Green and Red are the standard colours, the better boards have colours that are consistent with segments neatly painted.

The best professional dartboards

What are the best dart dartboards? In my humble opinion, the quality of boards has improved substantially over the last 40 years. As I am sure you know, many branded boards come from a single manufacturer, but the origin has little to do with the “favourites”.

The three boards that I prefer, Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core, One80 Gladiator III Plus and the Nodor Supamatch 3.

All three boards are similar in performance and all three are blade wire boards.

Blade wires reduce bounce outs by about 90%, which to this day is still a huge issue with round wired boards.

In my own home setup my board is mounted away from the wall on a custom mounting, so noise (from the thumping of the darts into the board can be amplified - an issue).

1. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core

While the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core is a great board for playability it can be a bit noisy, in my setup it occasionally boomed or knocked loudly, something that can get on your nerves. It’s a firm board and a relatively fast self-healing board. It handles non-standard or grip points reasonably well although, aggressive grip points can leave marks. The colours in the doubles and trebles can vary from board to board, it has a white number ring that really stands out well against the black outer edge. On the whole a good quality board. Assembly and mounting can be interesting if you are not using the “standard” mounting hardware because the board has adjustable feet to stop the board from turning when you remove your darts. Unfortunately these are rendered useless when you use a mount like the Bulls Click Fix that moves the board further away from the mounting surface.

2. Gladiator III+

The Gladiator III + is another great board. Unlike the Winmau it was nowhere near as noisy. The finish on the board was bright and clean. The only criticism (and its nit picking) is that the number ring is a bland silver. Preparing the board for installation is easier than the blade. Most boards have the centre pre-marked on the rear of the board, cheap boards you need to work it out for yourself. The Gladiator III + has a captive nut embedded on the rear. No chance of getting it wrong, off-centre or at an angle. A great idea in my opinion, although the 4mm machine screw may force the modification of any special mounting brackets (not a deal breaker). I really like my Gladiator III a lot.


3. Nodor SupaMatch 3 Dartboard

The Nodor board is also a great Dart board. Blade style wires. It also incorporates similar attributes to the Winmau board, such as locking feet that screw out from the rear of the board to ‘lock’ it in place once mounted on the included bracketry. Both the Winmau and One80 boards were clean face boards. All that was present on the front of the board were the scoring segments. The Nodor board has lines that run through the ‘white segments’ the lines are clearly the margins between the sisal packs when they have been pressed together during manufacturing. They have no real impact on the dartboards playability or longevity, but than they can detract from the appearance, given that some are more prominent than others.

The Darts Collectors pick of 2021

My favourite of the three is the One80 Gladiator III+ closely followed by the Winmau Blade5 Dual Core.

But that’s my opinion; many people have their own opinion on what they like.

There are so many boards to choose from, Brands, standards and finishes and price points.

Make a list of the features you want, and the budget you have, do some research.

Google the dartboards that you’ve short listed, see what others are saying about the boards you’re interested in. You’d be surprised at the feedback that’s around about dartboards.