Phil Taylor Power 9-Five GEN 6 SP Darts

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 Review by Ralf M. 22 gram I don’t remember the first time I heard about Phil Taylor, I do remember some of the unbelievable games that he played. From the time he played with another brand till now he has helped design some incredible darts. The Power 9Five Gen6 is a return to the style of dart of the 9Five Gen3 (one of my favorites). These are about 44mm long and the grip profile is in 3 distinct areas. Sporting a tapered nose with 7 grooves on the nose, a short smooth section and another section with a fine purist grip machined in the centre of the dart. The rear third of the barrel is a smooth sandblasted section presenting as a satin finish. The barrel itself tapers from its widest point of 7.6mm to meet with the shaft diameter perfectly. The barrel is completed with Black Target Swiss points in 25mm, and Gen 6 Target Titanium Shafts with Vapour S flights. I was a bit undecided on the Swiss points at first, mainly because of what I had read about breakages and the like. But to be honest I took out the standard points and put in the 30mm version and I was away. The whole point changing took a few minutes, no anxiety and the job was done with the supplied tool. I had a few throws and changed the Vapour S for a set of Kites and these went really well from the first throw. I took them with me to a championship day and a league game, this is another set that throws so comfortably its crazy, I even managed a 16 dart leg after playing with them on two days. A really nice, albeit expensive set of darts, but beautiful to play with.