Dart Review by Ralf M.

Snakebite Vypers

Reviewing – Red Dragon Peter Wright Vyper 22g Steel Tip Darts.

Photos don’t do this dart justice! But then it’s not about how they look, or is it?

Peter Wright is one of Red Dragon’s “Pro Players” and the 2020 World Champion.

He’s been criticised for changing his darts too often but let’s be honest, if he wasn’t in search of “the perfect dart” the (Red Dragon) Peter Wright range would be pretty boring.

These are long, lean with a purple PVD highlight – 90% Tungsten and nearly 55mm long and a touch over 6mm in diameter, they have a similar profile to the Mamba Darts, but that’s where the similarity ends. The barrels are straight and perfectly centre balanced with a great grip profile.

The grip is terrific on the Vypers. Unlike the grooves and even the Mamba grip that cover other darts and Peter Wright designs, these give you maximum grip via an understated yet very aggressive grip profile. It’s subtle but they will not slip out of your hand.

They’re easy to throw with the supplied accessories, but I found them easier to throw with shorter shafts and different flights (but that’s just me). Superbly finished and presented, they come in Premium Packaging so you can see what your getting is special.

I am a big fan of these, but I’m a big Snakebite fan in general. They come in 20g, 22g and 24g so everyone who enjoys playing with a straight barrel can enjoy them! I think they’re worth every penny!