The Winmau Assault style D darts are available in 26 and 28 g weights, manufactured from 90% tungsten. The Assault’s grip is atomised which appears similar to Target Darts stone grip. The atomised grip looks like emery powder which is somehow sprayed onto the barrel to produce a Dart with superior grip that in turn gives great control.

The darts come packaged with this checkout chart, an ABS plastic carry case and embossed standard flights, are also included. The barrels all have laser etched aluminium shafts and have the atomised grip.

The 26 g darts we are now looking at our 54.7 mm in length with a diameter of 6.7 mm. The average weight of the darts was 26.1 g.

Taking a look at the 28 g Dart which has virtually the same style as the 26 g but is only 50.8 mm in length and much wider with a diameter of 7.2 mm. The average weight of the darts was 28.2 g.

Based on a grip rating of one to 5 with five having the most grip these darts are a 4.

Winmau Assault Darts are match weighted within 0.1 of a gram. Match weighted darts give consistent closer grouping and therefore higher scoring.

The Winmau series of match weighted darts are accurate to within 0.1 of a gram, so you can be sure that every throw will be as precise as the last!

Winmau darts are manufactured to plus or minus of 0.2 g of the nominated weight. All three barrels are weight matched with in 0.1 g of each other.

On the packaging Winmau spiel is Assault 90% tungsten darts, a revolutionary new atomised finish that resolves the grip/control paradox. Never, in the evolution of darts technology, has grip and control the simultaneously available in such abundance. Professional level darts".