Today we are reviewing the Unicorn Maestro Premier 90% Tungsten Terry Jenkins Darts which are available in 21, 23 and 25 grams. The complete range is available at Deadeye Darts.

This is the current Unicorn Darts packaging.

The darts come complete with a luxury midi wallet, authentic signature dart flights and aluminium shafts.

We have featured the 25 gram darts, but all the darts in the range have the same barrel style just different dimensions, The barrels of the 21 gram are 49.2mm long with a diameter of 6.3mm, the 23 gram are 51.1mm long with a diameter of 6.3mm as well. The 25 gram are 53.4mm long with a diameter of 6.3mm., They are laser engraved with Unicorn Hallmark of Quality and Terry Jenkins signature. The barrels are match weighted to be within 0.1 gram of each other.

The dart would be a 2 on the Deadeye Grip Rating Scale. The Deadeye Grip Rating is based on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 having the most grip. It is only our opinion based on years of experience handing many different darts, ultimately the final verdict rests with the user!

It’s important to remember that over time the packaging may vary.