Target Dave “CHIZZY" Chisnall Tungsten Darts – Available from Deadeye Darts.

The Dave “CHIZZY" Chisnall Tungsten Darts are available in 22 and 24 gram.

This is the current Target Darts packaging -
The actual barrels are manufactured from 90% Tungsten.

The darts come complete with signature flights with Target Pro Grip shafts the barrels are guaranteed weight certified to be within .05 of a gram of each other.

The barrels for the 22 gram are 51.1mm long with a diameter of 6.4mm and are engraved with the Target and CHIZZY logos.
The 24 gram barrels are also 51.1mm long but have a diameter of 6.6mm.

This dart would be a 3 on the Deadeye Grip Rating Scale.

The Deadeye Grip Rating is based on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 having the most grip.

The barrels come with a Target lifetime Tungsten guarantee. To activate the guarantee you need to register your purchase on-line at