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YouTube review of the Unicorn Purist Kyle Anderson DNA 95% Tungsten 24 gram Darts - D0134

Today we are reviewing the Unicorn Purist Kyle Anderson DNA 95% tungsten 24 gram Darts - D0134

As you can see the Unicorn Purist Ranges only include barrels. The packaging is quite basic and comprises an embossed unicorn flap wallet flat wallet and three darts, the actual barrels are DNA coated which gives the barrels a rainbow effect and results in each barrels being different in appearance to each other. The barrel design has resulted in a front loaded dart with rather large grooves which provide an exceptional grip. The darts are fitted with standard silver points and have two laser engravings, one the Unicorn logo, the other being the “hand mark” Kyle Anderson logo. The barrels themselves are 44.45 mm long and at the widest point are 7.2 mm in diameter.

This is the latest offering from Unicorn on the Kyle Anderson range.

It’s important to remember that over time the packaging may vary.

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At Deadeye we now stock 954 different sets of steel tip darts, 80 soft tip darts, 1089 dart flights, 533 dart shafts, 254 dart accessories, 63 darts cases plus 28 dart specials. We have also introduced 404 new darts products over the last 6 months.

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An Update from Deadeye Darts


At Deadeye, we believe playing darts is a competitive sport. Whether  you are playing in competitions or playing social darts with your family or friends is a game that all can play irrespective of your age or skill level. Our huge range of darts, dartboards and accessories enable anyone of any age to enjoy the sport.  Explore our range online to discover the massive variety of darts dartboards and accessories we sell.


Whats New

As Australia's largest supplier of dart and dart accessories and with new inventory arriving every month we have everything to help you play like a professional dart player. All of our products and every manufacturer are at your fingertips, just search our website.


Steel Tip Darts

Deadeye Darts has the largest selection of darts in Australia with over 1000 steel tip darts in all different shapes and weights to suit the beginner through to the professional.


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With Australia’s largest stock of dart shafts available it is easy to find one just right for you. It will help your throw if you find the right shaft, trying different lengths will enable you to find one that suits you best.


Dart Flights

Deadeye Darts on line shop has the largest and most comprehensive range of darts flights in Australia. All shape including standard, pear, kite, slim speed, shape, Vortex, shield plus the revolutionary Robson Flight.


Dart Cases

Deadeye Darts has the largest range of Dart cases in Australia our dart cases come in a range of all shape and sizes and colours you can purchase one, two, and three sets cases, timber and plastic drop in boxes and many more search our website for the dart case that suits you.


Dart Accessories

Deadeye Darts has a unique range of accessories which include Dart Shirts, Dart Mats, score boards, dart lights and a heap of other accessories to enhance your dart playing experience.

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A great combination of poly-carbonate dart shafts with aluminium flight locking system, designed to provide high impact resistance with low profile anti-deflection style. The transparent polymer material produces a very attractive dart shaft. Available in six colours, black, black tint, white, red, blue and orange with two sizes - short 36mm and medium 42mm. Well worth a try!

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Jelle Klaasen – Unicorn Darts Release

Jelle Klaasen – Unicorn Darts Release

Unicorn darts have just released the latest offering in the Jelle Klaasen range, and what a dart range! In total, 17 different dart sets, comprising the following types, by the way we have not included the soft tip variety.

Jelle Klaasen 97% Tungsten Deluxe Noir Darts - 20gms

  • 97% Tungsten Deluxe Noir Darts - 22gms
  • 97% Tungsten Deluxe Noir Darts - 24gms

Jelle Klaasen 97% Tungsten Deluxe Edition Darts - 20gms

  • 97% Tungsten Deluxe Edition Darts - 22gms
  • 97% Tungsten Deluxe Edition Darts - 24gms

Jelle Klaasen Purist DNA 97% Tungsten Darts - 22gms

Silver Star Jelle Klaasen 90% Tungsten Darts - 21gms

  • 90% Tungsten Darts - 23gms
  • 90% Tungsten Darts - 25gms
  • 90% Tungsten Darts - 27gms

Black Brass Jelle Klaasen Darts - 21gms

  • Black Brass Darts - 235gms
  • Black Brass Darts - 25gms

Bullet Jelle Klaasen Darts - 20gms

  • Bullet Darts - 22gms
  • Bullet  Darts - 24gms


Direct from Wikipedia

Jelle Klaasen is a Dutch professional darts player who plays in the Professional Darts Corporation and is the youngest darts player to win the World Darts Championship. His nickname is The Cobra. He lives in Goor, Netherlands. Wikipedia

Born: 17 October 1984 (age 33 years), Alphen, North Brabant, Netherlands

PartnerNanke Meester

Other name: The Cobra

European Ch'ship: Semi Final: 2009

Desert Classic: Last 16: 2008, 2009

Grand Slam: Quarter Final: 2007

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At Deadeye Darts we are more than happy to promote your Darts Club where ever you may be located. Simply email us at with details of your Darts Venue, Club location, nights and days when darts are played, start times, entry fee (if any) and your contact details, plus information regarding playing levels etc. We receive numerous enquiries for people looking for venues to play darts from beginners to tournament level.

Speaking from experience it can be extremely difficult to find places to play darts especially when, you relocate to a new city or town. When I arrived back in Sydney I visited the local Services Club and enquired about Darts! The response I got was I`m pretty sure they do play darts here but, could you come back later and the receptionist should be able to help. I subsequently called back to reception and was told that darts were played on Wednesday nights, somewhere between 7.00 and 8.00pm. I rocked up 6.45 the very next Wednesday evening, however this was team night and the new darts teams will not be selected for another 4 months. My next question is there social darts, not sure was the response, we think a few people turn up on Tuesday night. Disappointing!

Deadeye Darts will provide a $100.00 Gift Voucher to the first 5 Clubs that submit their darts calendar, with complete information as detailed above. In addition these details will be recorded in our Darts News to assist prospective dart players find a suitable venue.

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Deadeye Darts Classic - Kambah ACT

Please let us know if you have any Darts News from your Club, simply email us at

Shop for the Deadeye Bandit Dartboards

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Kyle Anderson staying with Unicorn Darts

Shop for the Kyle Anderson Tungsten Darts


Kyle with Unicorn Player Liaison Manager Matt Rankin

It's been some year for Kyle Anderson and it's just got even better with the news that the Aussie has signed a new long-term deal with Team Unicorn. 

The new contract will take his time with Unicorn to at least seven years. It's been a meteoric rise for the boy from Down Under who gambled everything on a darts career and won!

Kyle Anderson is destined for the world's top 16 in the next 12 months and Unicorn will be with him every step of the way as the Australian ace targets the big prizes in the sport.

"It has been the perfect partnership," he said. “When I first came over to the UK to play on the tour, I went to Unicorn to buy some darts and ended up walking out with a contract! It has been a great relationship and long may it continue. They are the top darts company in the world for a reason!"

It's already been a breakthrough year for Anderson with two big PDC titles. In the space of just a week in August, he won his first PDC tournament - a Players Championship in Barnsley when he beat Kevin Painter 6-2 in the final after earlier hitting a 9 darter!

Then just a few days later, Kyle claimed the prestigious Auckland Darts Masters crown after beating Corey Cadby 11-10 in a thrilling all Aussie Final. 

"My target is the top 10. For now, the realistic goal is that top 16. I am full of confidence and belief for the rest of the year. It's going to be a fun ride."

Anderson is also counting down to the World Championship after missing last year's Ally Pally blockbuster because of those visa problems, but all those issues are well and truly behind him. 

Unicorn Managing Director Edward Lowy is delighted the popular Australian has extended his stay.

"Kyle is a fantastic player who has shown the world of darts what he is capable of by winning big tournaments, defeating the very best along the way. We are proud to have been associated with Kyle since 2014, so to continue our relationship is very pleasing."

Anderson has revealed the secret of his recent success.....little or no practice!

"When I changed my regime and started to practice more and more, my game actually suffered. So I went back to Plan A and I do an hour or so at the venue and it works for me, so long may it continue!"

The next few years certainly look like the years of success for Kyle Anderson.


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All About Darts

All About Darts

by I L Brackin and W Fitzgerald

Published 1975


Darts is one of the most exciting indoor sports you can play with your clothes on. More important, it is one of the most interesting and intensely competitive indoor sports of them all.

Even a veteran darts player would be hard put to find a straight answer to the question. "How do you play darts?" The scope of the sport for variety and skill would take a whole book. This is it.

There is information in this book of value to both the expert and the beginner. It describes not only how to play darts and many different games, but also how to play darts better.

We hope enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed compiling it.

I was able to pick up a copy on eBay sometime ago.

The book `"All About Darts" was published in 1975 by Ivan Brackin and William Fitzgerald

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Darts a Book by Noel E Williamson

Darts by Noel E Williamson

The complete guide for beginners or experts, the book covers:

The Origin and History of Darts, Darts Expressions, Darts Mathematics, Darts Etiquette, Competitions, Dart Leagues and League Rules, Records and Some Great Dart Players of the Past, Team Organisation and Committee Work.

I was able to obtain a copy of this book on eBay originally published by Elliot Right Way Books Kingswood Surrey UK

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