Cross on verge of £1 million order of merit barrier after European championship victory.

When you do the statistics in relation to the prize money being won by the top players around the world I am surprised at the sums being won by the major players.

Cross is now at £0,999 million and is on the verge of reaching the pound mark for the first time. As a comparison, he has done this in only a few years with the PDC compared to Phil Taylor, who took till 2010 to reach that mark.


It took Michael van Gerwyn till January 2017 to reach his career-high of £1.832.


Some order of merit Career apogee:

MvG - £1.832 million (January 2017)
Taylor - £1.108 million (September 2010)
Cross - £0.999 million (October 2019)
Anderson - £0.911 million (January 2016)
Wright - £0.770 million (November 2018)
Lewis - £0.562 million (October 2012)

My advice to all the aspiring dart players out there is to practice. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow perseverance dedication and hard work will help you to achieve your goal.  It also helps if you have good eye-hand coordination that’s where the practice comes in.