I have just been watching the European Championship final and saw Rob Cross claim a third major title to continue his rise, adding to his previous world championship wins.


As I was watching the players play I was looking at the way they hold their darts, everyone holds their darts differently, some people use one finger, some two fingers, others finger and thumb and some three fingers and a thumb.


Some players place their fingers at the front of the barrel, others at the back and some in the middle as all dart players know all dart barrels are different. Some have grooves, some smooth, some rough to help you with your grip, etc.


 I also noticed that many dart players have quite many different darts that they have experimented with to help them perfect their throw. This can be an expensive exercise in dollar terms.


All good dart players have quite many sets of darts as it’s necessary to experiment to see what suits you the best and that applies to the different weights of the darts.


Good quality darts can run into a few hundred dollars per set which is quite a large outlay, especially if you find that your recent purchase doesn’t suit your throw.


Deadeye has produced its wide range of darts and they are great value for money. They range in price between $45 and $80 per set and they come with a Somersby case flights and shafts etc.


If I was a dart player who wants to experiment with different barrels I would suggest that you try the Deadeye barrels only products that come in a huge range of shapes, weights, and lengths, this will give you an opportunity to try the different barrels to see what suits you best before you go ahead and pay for a really expensive set of darts.