Xtra Strong Really Ruthless Dart Flights

Without a doubt the Ruthless Extra Tough Dart Flights still easily outsell other flights. As a result of their popularity we have been able to reduce the price even more. They are now $0.80 cents for a set of 3 provided you buy a minimum of 10 sets exactly the same.

The price was current as at 6 November 2010 but may vary in time.

As they maintain their rigidity your darts fly truer giving you greater consistency. It also helps considerably if you use flight protectors as these little accessories help the flight maintain near perfect flight shape. Not to forget the extra wear your get from the heavier polyester.

We stock other 100 micron polyester, including the Amazon range which are at this point in time are 10% cheaper than the Ruthless Dart Flights (this price/percentage will now doubt vary with the passing of time). The Pentathlon and Harrows Marathon dart flights are also available.

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