Mission Restore Brush Cleaning Kit

Dart Accessory Review by Ralf M.

Mission Restore Brush Cleaning Kit

I am a stickler for cleanliness in particular in these trying times, and these brushes are the solution to many evils. 

Dirty darts are a result of many things, sweaty hands, grip compounds, chalk, food and the list goes on. The grip profiles of your darts get clogged with dirt and you lose the potency and effectiveness of your grip, they slip out of your hands and you make a mess of your intended target. 

I have used these regularly on my darts and my partner’s darts. For painted darts I stick with the nylon brush and for tungsten either of the two metal brushes. The results vary depending how much effort you put in but they won’t make your darts new again. I usually find a good brushing over removes the build-up of dirt and dead skin. Every few months I give mine a wash down with soapy water and then a wipe over with isopropyl alcohol. Brushing them over with the brass brush is the final step, in restoring the as new feel. 

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