Winmau Sicario 22g Steel Tip Darts

I have actually reviewed the Winmau Sicario previously, in its other guise of a short barrelled dart.

In this version or variant the Sicario takes on its pencil guise and putting it through its paces it shows itself to be a very different proposition to play with.

The Sicario is described to have a mini scallop cluster grip.

What I can say is that the dart is well balanced in both its design and in the hand the layout being the same at both ends of the dart.

The dart nose is elliptical in style and complimented by the use of standard black points with black trident point guards giving the dart a ‘step’ free continuous feel and protecting the barrel from wire damage.

At the end of the nose the dart flows straight into the front region of ‘cluster’ grip, realistically the cluster grip is a 2.5mm wide flat ring that has had a tiny scallop milled into it, producing a shallow concave groove with a high point at either side. There are five of these cluster grip rings on either end of the barrel each separated by a 1mm wide ring the front and rear cluster grips are divided by an 8mm wide plain section with a 1mm wide ring cut into either side.

After the second cluster grip the barrel has a plain section that tapers slightly to meet the shaft perfectly. The barrel is finished in a black coating with silver highlights on the cluster grip points and two red rings in the centre surrounding the Winmau logo.

The darts are supplied with Long Black Prism Force Shafts and Prism Alpha Flights in black and red.

I threw these as supplied out of the box and was pleasantly surprised at the balance the darts had and that the grip location allowed for an intuitive yet comfortable grip on the dart. I hold the whole dart in a 4 fingered grip front and rear and depending on the barrel the push point can vary so I guess I have an adaptive grip. With the cluster grip on the Sicario, it not only acts as the grip it also gives the player many mini push points along the length of the grip. It’s a bit weird at first but becomes second nature when throwing after a while. Even though the grip is positive it doesn’t snag the skin or is annoying or distracting in any way.

With their original set up they flew straight without any deviation sticking into the board at almost 90 degrees to the surface. The grip would rate 3 out of 5.

Given what they are and the machining that goes into creating the grip as an overall I’d rate them as a 3.5 out of 5.0. You get what you pay for but I’m certain the grip won’t be for everyone.