Winmau Outrage 21g Darts

The Winmau Outrage 21g darts are an impressive set for those looking to combine style with practical playability. Crafted from high-quality brass, these darts offer a level of precision machining usually reserved for higher-end tungsten models.

The multiple angular buttress grooves etched into the barrel ensure a secure grip and provide an aesthetic that stands out. This feature appeals to players of all levels, offering a sense of control and confidence with each throw. The classic pencil shape of the barrel is a tried and true design that suits both novice and experienced players.

Coated with a matte black finish, the Outrage darts carry an air of sophistication and subtlety. This coating not only looks good but also adds a tactile element that can improve grip and reduce slippage.

Winmau complements the barrels with Prism Alpha flights and Prism Force shafts, known for their durability and stability in flight. The extra thick flights are designed to withstand the rigors of regular play, and the Prism Force shafts offer a robustness that will be appreciated over time.

One thing for buyers to keep in mind is that the packaging and accessories such as shafts and flights may vary over time, which is standard across the dart industry.

For their price point, the Winmau Outrage 21g darts score a solid 4 out of 5. They offer an excellent entry point into the world of darts for those looking for quality without the expense of professional-grade tungsten darts. The Outrage darts are a testament to Winmau's commitment to quality across their product range.