Winmau Michael van Gerwen Exact 25 gram Steel Tip Darts

Introduction: The Winmau Michael van Gerwen Exact 25 gram Steel Tip Darts are a product of meticulous design and a yearlong commitment to excellence. Endorsed and used by one of the greatest darts players in history, Michael van Gerwen, these darts embody precision and professional performance.

Barrel Design and Construction: Crafted with 90% tungsten, the barrels offer a slender profile essential for tight groupings and optimal scoring. The 53.00mm length and 6.60mm diameter are specifically tailored to van Gerwen's exacting standards, providing a pencil barrel shape that is both classic and effective for a consistent throwing action.

Grip and Texture: The barrel's grip is a marvel of engineering, designed to facilitate a consistent and precise release. The meticulous attention to detail in the grip's construction ensures that players can execute their throws with confidence, whether aiming for trebles or doubles.

Visual Appeal: The darts feature a distinctive design with the sleek branding of Winmau and van Gerwen's signature style. The robust build is accentuated by a stylish grey (atomised) coating, providing a professional look that matches the dart's high-end performance.

Shafts and Flights: Accompanied by Vecta Dart Shafts and Prism Alpha Dart Flights, the darts are set up for aerodynamic excellence. These components are chosen to complement the darts' weight and shape, providing stability and precision in flight.

Performance: On the oche, the MvG Exact darts offer a balance and consistency that caters to the highest levels of competitive play. The 25g weight strikes a perfect balance, offering enough heft for a stable throw without compromising on speed and control.

Conclusion: The Winmau Michael van Gerwen Exact 25g Steel Tip Darts are not just a set of darts; they are a statement of dedication to the sport. With unparalleled craftsmanship and a signature design, they are suitable for players who demand the very best in their pursuit of darting perfection.

Rating: 4.9/5