Winmau Diablo Type 2 24 gram Steel Tip Darts

Another outstanding New release from Winmau, this is definitely another set that I requested and was even more impressed with them in the flesh than I was with the images on the Winmau web site. Straight off the bat, even the packaging looks great.

The packaging is done in shades of blue/grey with Red highlights.

Opening the packaging we’re met with the typical Winmau inner tray. In the tray we have the barrels in the standard Winmau round point protector, a set of short red Winmau Vecta hybrid shafts, and a set of Prism Alpha Diablo flights. I have to say, there’s only one thing more satisfying than throwing a set

of new darts and that could only be assembling the darts ready to throw.

What I notice with a few brands is the tolerances involved matching the shaft diameters with the barrel diameter some do it really well, others not so much but on these there is almost no step (not even a little one).

I don’t know why, but when I play, I notice all sorts of things that don’t affect me normally, the ‘feel’ sensation would be the worst for me and any lumps, bumps would be the worst distraction you could throw at me.

The Diablo is a really stream lined design, tapered at both ends making it a centre balanced dart.

One thing to bear in mind is that the images online make the barrel look slim and streamlined.

Not that it's a big chunky barrel but clearly the images don't show the true perspective, given that they're only 45.7mm long and a decent 7.3 mm in diameter.

The barrel is reasonably simple in its design, the nose is elliptical, lending to the illusion of being a slim stream lined barrel, it's not thick but noticeably disproportionate compared to the images. The layout is a 12mm nose, a 20 mm long grip zone, finalised by a rear plain tapered section. The grip is similar to many that have been used before, alternating between two 1.5mm wide cut rings and a single narrow slits. Four sets of wide grooves separated by three narrow grooves, and that's it simplicity in itself.

It’s a barrel that lends itself to a short central grip, two fingers and support on the nose.

Short Vecta shafts on the 47mm barrels are a great match, combined with the standard flight means (for me) that these went really well at the board. They fly well with a gentle hand and respond very well with a firm hand. These were a joy to play with and I didn't want to put them down. While there isn't a large grip area they're by no means a slippery barrel and if held utilising the best portion of the grip surface they would rate 2.5 out of 5.0.

After playing with these for a few days it's easy to slip into the groove or zone which ever term suits you, they're a barrel that grows on you, it's a design that's easy to adapt to.

In terms of value for money, well I think they're at a price point where they represent great value for money. As an overall package I'd rate them at 4.25 out of 5. Nice to look at, great to throw, only let down by what it costs to keep them looking the way they did when they were new, that is the Vecta shafts are a bit pricey and while I never broke one, they do have a decent kick to replace.

Loved them to bits.