Winmau Blade 6 Dart Dock

Well, there you have it; I’ve been thrown yet another curve ball in the form of the Blade 6 Dart Dock.

When I first saw this released, I was to say the least critical. I really wondered if it was just a marketing tool released as an accessory or whether it would serve some other useful purpose.

When the current review parcel arrived from Jennifer at Deadeye Darts, I was surprised at its weight and bulk, but Jennifer had done it again. I’m not 100% certain if it’s deliberate or by chance, but she manages, on a regular basis to challenge me with the darts and accessories she sends me to review.

As I said I had already determined (in my own mind) that the Blade 6 Dart Dock was merely a promotional item. All I can say after handling it and ‘playing’ with it, it’s really so much more.

The Dart Dock is 103mm in diameter (exactly 4” in the old measurement) and 39mm high (1½ “). The face of the dock is a reproduction in miniature of the face of a dart board, without the number ring, headed with the Winmau brand and the Blade 6 name and logo opposite. There are no numbers on the face, but there doesn’t need to be.

The outer edge is a metal ring and the rear appears to be Carbon Fibre, the metal ring, just like on a full size board holds the tightly packed sisal in place.

Believe it or not I actually live up to my Nom de Plume of “the Darts Collector”. I have a large collection of the best Darts, parts of which are on display in my Man Cave (that part of the house my wife lets me display my stuff) and, over the years have I’ve acquired display stands from various Dart companies some good, some not so. But of all the display stands that I have, the Dart Dock is, in my opinion the most representative of the sport. It holds 4 or 5 sets comfortably, and if you are the patient kind you can really be creative.

Winmau have taken display to the next level with the Blade 6 Dart Dock, not only in the aesthetic of the Dock but in the practicality and ergonomics. The Dock doesn’t have a big footprint so you can have a few extra sets on display in a smaller space.

In the flesh, It looks great and is super stable, I really like the dock, it’s won my vote 5 out of 5!