Unicorn Swytch Rosso 21 gram Darts

When Jen at Deadeye darts said she was sending something a bit different, I was instantly concerned.

You see Jen is the master or mistress of surprise when it comes to review darts, I sometimes request certain sets and review whatever she sends. I have to say, I’m comfortable in what she sends, although we’ve never met face to face I get the feeling she “knows” me from what I write.

So, Jen was right, she sent the new Unicorn Swytch Rosso, and after giving them a quick once over at the board we had something going.

Let me just point out, I don’t like “Token” darts, Darts that are wildly coloured or with outrageously aggressive or busy grips. I love playing the game and have learnt over the years that just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is good, just like life.

These darts actually came with a warning in the description that might catch a few people off guard.

The weight of the dart quoted includes the shaft and flight. That’s unusual, but common to some Japanese brands. The other thing is more of a hint than a warning, and is that the barrels are fully reversible (both ends of the barrels are threaded 2ba), meaning you can put the points in either end.

The bare barrel weighs 18.35g, barrel with the point 20.07g and the assembled dart 21.6g.

The Rosso barrel without the point is a mere 40mm long, but with a point screwed in they are 65mm long from the tip of the point to the end of the barrel. Being 80% tungsten means that they’re a bit thicker but 8mm isn’t a disaster.

The barrel has two scallops, one at the front about 10mm long another directly behind the first at approximately 5 mm long, after which the barrel tapers away to meet the shaft.

The barrels are a bit thicker at 8.2mm but they don’t feel at all big, and as I said the points and shafts are reversible, and the points are 2ba screw in and replaceable in their own right, made of steel and in a choice of colours if you’re that way inclined – Black, Blue, Gold, Rosso and Natural Silver and they use the Unicorn Volute point style to hold the darts in the board every throw without tearing the board apart. (Could this be Unicorns fight back against the Swiss Point?)

For my grip, the Rosso in its standard configuration was just perfect. The two scallops on the front of the barrel allowed for consistent finger placement and ultimately almost perfect grip every walk to the board.

At the Oche it was actually refreshing to hit the same zones time after time. The darts are supplied with medium Unicorn Gripper shafts, and Swytch stylised Ultrafly flights.

As an assembled package they’re really eye-catching they look like a normal set for all intents and purposes until you look closely, and they do deserve a second look.

As a value for money option I’d still rate them as a 4 out of 5, as an overall package 4.5 out of 5.

The only negative points I could chalk up were,

  • twisting the darts out of the board when removing them sometimes made them loosen in the barrel
  • The flights were a little flimsy and after an hour and a bit at the board I’d all but destroyed them.

These were really fun to play with, a good old Unicorn Dart with a lot of (dare I say) Innovation.

Loved them!