Unicorn Sigma 900 24 gram Darts

The Unicorn Sigma 900 caught my eye from the moment I first saw it advertised.

To be honest, the images I saw initially gave the impression that the barrel had a rough cast on formed nose.

I actually had a bit of a ‘thing’ for the Sigma 970, but because of its shape to length ratio (the 21g 970 was a bit shorter) it wasn’t one of my most successful choices.

In my hands it was a disaster, I couldn’t throw them straight if my life depended on it.

So, where do we sit with the new Sigma 900? I mentioned in one of my other recent reviews that it appeared that Unicorn had actually “turned the page” and were producing darts that were again “relevant” to the game and its players. Well this is another of those.

Starting at the packaging, there is clearly less waste and the package is more environmentally friendly that its historic predecessors the package consists of 3 pieces other than the darts, the Tray, the protector (that holds the darts in place) and the outer cardboard box. Simple and recyclable.

In the package 3 darts, 3 Long Sigma one shafts and a set of Sigma 900 flights (silver and blue), the flights are a variation of the original Sigma style.

The Sigma one Shafts on the other hand appear to only come in one length at present, they follow the basic XL shaft profile, but they are blue and provide a small amount of flex.

The Sigma 200 barrels are 47mm long from end to end. At the point end they start at 3.4mm in diameter, and at the shaft end finish at 6.1mm, at the widest point they are 7.6mm in diameter.

What I thought was a rough cast on the nose is actually many “∑” symbols embossed over the nose portion.

The nose portion is 20mm long and is long ellipse it starts at 3.4mm and opens to 7.0mm. The next 18.73mm is  the primary grip zone 13 x 0.5mm wide rings that have been coloured blue, the final 9mm gently arc down to 6.1mm to meet the shaft. The last 9mm is smooth, carrying the Unicorn Hallmarking on the rear. To really provide a complete set the barrels are fitted with the Unicorn Volute points that are approximately 27mm long.

Volute points provide maximum grip in the board by the inclusion of 3 gently helically cut grooves along the first 16mm of the point, nice touch.

To throw, these are amazing, not too short in the barrel, understated grip that is central on the barrel but definitely not slippery in any way. I could get these 24g beauties close to the mark straight out of the box, and by fiddling with the shaft length and using a short or in-between shaft (for me ) it only got better. I did have a few wild throws but overall they are a pleasant dart to throw if you take your time with them. The grip rates at a 2.0-2.5 out of 5, positive but not crazy. The Volute points embed the darts in the board and in days of play never had one finish on the floor. These are really easy to get used to, no nasty surprises. They mention in the blurb that they are aerodynamically designed, I don’t have a wind tunnel at home but, they fly really well so I can only agree.

A beautiful set, if you play with a shaped dart you can surely throw these, and even if you don’t they are worth a serious look if you’re looking to buy a new set.

Overall 4.4 out of 5.0 they are awesome!