Unicorn Pro-Tech Style 1 24 gram Darts

The Pro Tech range came as a real surprise to me when they were first released.

There are 5 styles, so, I would think or hope that there is something there for everyone.

I’ve actually reviewed the Style 3 recently and really enjoyed the experience.

The Style 5 is a slightly different design, 40.6mm long, a bullet shaped barrel that tapers down at the rear of the barrel. The 24g barrel is 8.2mm in diameter although it doesn’t feel that thick.

The barrel is primarily silver (natural Tungsten) with gold highlights.

The grip sections are toward the front and rear of the barrel and the front grip zone is punctuated by axial grooves cut into the barrel in groups of three at four points around the barrel.

The nose is elliptical in shape and is approximately 10mm long, the axial grooves actually project onto the nose by about 5mm. the nose is immediately followed by the first grip zone. This is approximately 12mm long, it’s made up of a mini grooves with four equally spaced square cut rings providing the grip and sensation on the outer diameter.

Following the first zone there is a 9mm plain section that after 4.5mm starts to taper toward the shaft. The axial grooves continue into the plain portion by about 4mm.

This brings us to the rear grip zone, a 7mm strip of mini rings followed by a 2mm plain section taking us to the end of the barrel.

The rear grip has clearly been modified from the stock image on the unicorn site and is now a double mini groove style.

The darts are fitted with plain silver volute points, ensuring the darts stay in the board when thrown, but maintain the smooth silver lines of the design. They are supplied fitted with two tone Gripper 4 shafts and black Pro-Tech Ultrafly dart flights. They’re shipped in the new style Unicorn packaging.

First impressions when unpacking was that these were super aggressive in the grip department.

The feel is a little strange in as much as, even when laying the dart in the palm of your hand, the sensation is that they ‘grab’ your skin. It’s a bit unnerving at first but merely a matter of adjusting your finger placement and holding the dart ‘gently’, or less firmly. Looking at the forward grip, the four main high points in the grip are 2.5mm apart, leaving plenty of space for skin to find its way between these rings, explaining the sensation when holding them in your hand.

I was a little worried when I took them to the board, subconsciously I thought they would be super aggressive and almost unthrowable but that definitely wasn’t the case. Once I had the grip position resolved they were great.

It’s a matter of putting the negative out of mind and moving forward and before you know it everything falls into place.

I found that with this type of grip profile, once you could adapt you spent more time in the aim and release rather than constantly amending the grip.

The grip would be a 4.0 out of 5.0 but would really depend on the individual. If you are looking for a dart with a stronger or more aggressive grip then these are worth a go. I’ve seen a few set change hands because the owner found the grip too unpleasant and distracting.

I think overall that they are a great set, they tick many of the boxes including look and profile but will be a polarising dart – some will love others will not like at all.

The Series 1 is a shorter barrel, where the balance of the range vary in length and diameter from 43 – 50mm long and 6.4 – 8.2mm in diameter so, in theory, there is something there for everyone.

Overall after a bit of concern I actually like them and would happily play with them 4.0 out of 5.0.