Unicorn Core Tungsten 22 gram Darts

When the review parcel arrived from Deadeye Darts I wasn’t certain what to make of it.

Like a little kid at Christmas I give the parcel a good feel and a shake so I have an idea of what’s inside. Something didn’t feel quite right.

Opening the satchel showed a set of darts in a regular box, and the Unicorn Core, well, they were in a sealed sleeve with a resealable zip. Opening the sleeve up, the darts were in a point protector. The first thing that came to mind was, now there’s something completely out of the norm. Not what you expect from one of the major dart manufacturers, but a really good idea for a lot of reasons that don’t need to be discussed here.

I’ll say from the outset that Unicorn has kicked a big goal with these darts.

They’ve gone back to their darting roots and produced a dart that is literally a “no nonsense precision engineered ultra-quality darts offering great value and strength” in their words. They also state they’re “A great dart for all social players”. At that I have to disagree in my eyes strike out social, they’re a great dart for all players.

There’s no great unpacking ritual involved with these, you tear off the seal tab, open the zip lock and slide the darts out in their point protector, and they’re assembled and ready to throw. The only thing to do is to realign the flights and if you’re that way inclined, rough up the super smooth points and your underway.

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me to boiling point as quickly as a hard to open package and I’m happy to say there’s none of that rubbish going on here.

Out of the pack the first thing I do is check out the dimensions and what the manufacturer fits them up with.

The barrels are a touch over 48mm long and 7.2mm in diameter.

The nose is a plain radius that has a front grip profile of two equally spaced 3 ringed grips separated by a 3mm plain ring.

The barrel has an elongated smooth section of about 10mm before repeating the front ring grips 3 times, adding a shorter tapered ring and following the taper with 3 plain square cut grooves that have been blue coloured.

I mean, this is a conventional design, nothing outrageous in colour or make up but to be honest there doesn’t have to be either.

The barrels are supplied with a set of Black Gripper shafts and fitted with a set of Unicorn Core flights.

Taking them to the board is an experience, they throw like the first set I ever had.

They go straight and stable, control is in the hands of the thrower.

They are great fun to play with and like it states on the web site “PRECISION ENGINEERED, NO NONSENSE VALUE”. I fell in love with them and was happy just to keep throwing them over and over.

This design never goes out of style It’s a winner and For playability 4.5 out of 5 (they won’t be for everyone) Overall value for money 5 out of 5!

Finally someone is paying attention to the playing future of the sport.

These are great darts suitable for anyone that likes this profile, I’m sure there will be more styles to come.