Target Swiss Dart Points

Review by Ralf M.

Target Swiss Points 26mm & 30mm

The Swiss point System is a Target Darts product (read innovation). When the Swiss point ranges of darts were first released I was a little undecided as to where they fitted into the whole dart sport.

My initial opinion was that they were a little “kitschy”, a new fad that had little purpose and no future in the sport, they would fade away.

The reviews on various Forums, and the feedback that I read, spoke of breakages and other catastrophes. I think from what I read a lot of the catastrophes were conditional. By that I mean, colder weather, stone or concrete floors and darts either bouncing out or falling out, point first onto a hard surface.

I have been using Swiss Point Darts of various design for about 6 months now, and I can say, hand on heart that I have not experienced any breakages or issues with them coming loose in the barrel in that time.

I personally prefer my darts with longer points. Standard points are about 26mm long (from tip to barrel), I prefer them at about 30mm (from tip to barrel).

In a standard dart barrel this meant that if I wanted to do the job properly, I needed a repointing tool and longer points, a 6” ruler and patience. The whole job would take about half an hour to do properly and have all 3 darts come out the same length. I can do the same job with Swiss Point darts in a few minutes. No special tool to buy, all the points seat at the same length no stress at all.

The style of point you use is purely up to the individual, they are all practical in their own way a can be purchased to suit standard 26mm length or long 30mm.

Swiss Points Diamond Point 26mm & 30mm

These are the same as the standard 30mm Target Diamond Points (in standard style points they come up as 36mm in Black & Gold and 38mm in Silver). They add a laser cut diamond pattern to point that provides a grip surface to the point that stops the point (and Dart) from falling out of the board and if you use a finger to support the point when aiming they provide a grip point to stop slippage.

I find that they perform exactly the same as a press in point, but it takes literally minutes to swap out.


Swiss FirePoints 26mm & 30mm

These are the Swiss Point version of the FirePoints that were originally fitted to the RVB95 Gen1 & Gen2 Darts. The points come in 26mm & 30mm. they have a smooth point section of about 5mm which is followed by an area of about 5mm with a micro groove section to make sure the darts stay in the board. This is followed by a ribbed section that forms part of the finger guide for those of us that have a finger on the point when throwing. Whether its for location, support or stabilization or stopping the smooth point slipping off your grip that’s purely your own choice.


Swiss Diamond Surge Points 26mm & 30mm

These are an interesting point. The first time I saw these were in the Swiss Point Rob Cross Gen2.

It’s a combination of 3 points – The point is 1/3 Diamond Point, 1/3 Smooth, 1/3 Ribbed profile similar to the RVB FirePoints. These aren’t at all like the profile presented on the Target Surge Storm point. I quite like them.


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