Target RVB 95 Echo Swiss Point 21 gram Darts

I read the online blurb from Target at released and was instantly intrigued.

I really liked the Gen 4 although, to be honest I though the price was a ‘bit’ over the top.

When I noticed the next version of the RVB95 I just had to have them!

So, let’s start by summarising the specifications of the Echo:

47.0mm long, 7.0mm diameter at its widest point, 3 knurled sections on the nose. The first is on the coarse side, while the other two are fine and identical, separated from each other by a deeper ring containing two further cuts. From the nose to the end of the third ring is about 19.5mm, at this point the barrel breaks into a 6mm smooth section.

At the end of the smooth profile, the barrel tapers gently down to 5.9mm where it eventually meets the shaft. The rear section comprises 14 square cut rings each approximately 0.25mm deep and 1.0mm wide, the first 3 and last 3 are coloured grey while the 8 in the centre are left in the same black as the rest of the dart. Only the front grooves have been lightly machined to reveal a tiny bit of silver. The darts are fitted with RVB Firepoints in Swiss point format, does any of this sound familiar so far? No? Let’s move on. The darts are fitted with short Pro Grip shafts and the flights are exclusive Signature RVB Echo design.

The barrels are predominantly Matt black finished and they look great!

However, let me be clear the only real difference between the RVB95 Gen 4 and the RVB95 Echo is:

  1. The barrel colours
  2. The inclusion of the Pro Grip shaft on the Echo vs the Titanium Heli on the Gen 4
  3. The flights

Dimensions are the same, it’s just the Echo is black; the Gen4 is Gold Silver and black. They look different because of the colour nothing else.

So, if you’re looking for an awesome black dart then these are for you. At 25% less than the original they are just what you’ve been waiting for.

At the Oche these were just like the originals, a set of darts that were easy from the outset and became more and more comfortable the more that you threw them. Running through the various practice drills was a pleasurable experience. No hesitation with these at all and for the number of times they came together in the board visible damage was not evident at all. One observation though, the black coating gave the barrel a ‘soft’ feel.

Value wise they’re an improvement on the Gen 4 - 3.75 out of 5, by going down the path of using nylon shafts obviously reduced the price. Overall they rate 4.5 out of 5, a more affordable dart with much reduced residual upkeep costs, and I love them!