Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five G9 Swiss Point 26 gram Darts

Statistics –

Barrel Length – 41mm

Diameter at the widest point – 7.85mm

Weight reviewed – 26g

Swiss Point

Barrels shape – Specialty (Comet Shaped – Elliptical nose, tapering at the rear)

Okay, so we all know who Phil Taylor is and was, if you don’t then you’re too young to worry about it and if you do he is arguably the greatest professional darts player of the modern era.

Yes I’m a Phil Taylor fan; I own the majority of the darts that were released in his name by Target with the exception of the Generation 1, Generation 4 and Generation 5. The 4 and 5 because I don’t like or see the point of coated darts.

I have and play with a set of Gen 4 Taylors which until now have been my favourites even though I couldn’t throw them all that well with the Vapour flights.

Unpacking these, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once the box was open the velour (flocked) tray showed the pre-assembled darts with a Swiss point tool. I really couldn’t wait to get them out and get to the dart board and play; I have to say I was really excited!

The first thing I noticed was the contrasting colours on the barrels.

Elliptical silver nose covered completely with Micro grooves, transitioning to a short 4mm grooved section, followed by a 3mm black band camouflaging micro grooves and then again a short grooved section this time divided into 6 pads with axial grooves. The rear of the barrel is mainly divided into a series of “square” pads however again the PVD coating hides the micro grooves that are machined onto the pads.

As soon as I picked them up I was taken by the grip, a combination of the micro grooves, literally all over the darts but enhanced and yet softened by the PVD Coating. The sensation is akin to finger Velcro but the darts don’t stick to your fingers in any way.

As I said they are Swiss Point darts and are fitted with a standard length Swiss Nano Point. The Darts are finished with the Phil Taylor Gen 3 Titanium Shafts (coated the same way as the Barrels) and completed with the styled Gen9 vapour flights, they look great.

Throwing them, I had a few reservations about the grip and my previous experiences with the tiny vapour flights but something just clicked with them and the very first two darts were spot on where I threw for a Treble 20 and a bull. The 41mm barrel is very comfortable in the hand, easy to grip consistently and super easy to throw. I really loved the feel and because they’re easy to direct and throw the confidence that they give is amazing.

I’d only rate the grip as a 3.0 out of 5.0 but it extends all the way up the shaft if that’s where you want to grip.

Over all 4.0 out of 5.0 I could easy rate these as a 5.0 out of 5.0 but the price is clearly a stalling point. That said I would really love to get hold of another set in 24g, I found the 26g just a little too heavy. Loved them!