Target Phil Taylor Power 26g 9Five GEN 5 Darts

Introduction: The Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five GEN 5 darts are a fitting homage to one of the legends of the sport, Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. With a design that encapsulates the precision and prowess of Taylor's style, these 26-gram darts are a testament to the player's illustrious career and commitment to excellence.

Design Aesthetics: The darts exhibit an opulent blush gold and black PVD Titanium Nitride coating, not only for superior barrel protection but also to enhance grip. This elegant colour scheme, combined with a matte finish achieved through hand sandblasting, results in a dart that is as visually appealing as it is functional. The sleek design is completed with Phil Taylor's signature and the iconic Target logo, laser-etched into the barrel.

Grip and Feel: One of the most striking features of the G5 darts is the innovative Trapezoidal Grip technology. This design provides exceptional levels of grip and a distinctive feel that supports the stacking style of play that ‘The Power’ is renowned for. The rear of the barrel offers a matte texture for those who prefer a firmer grip at the end of their dart.

Construction and Balance: Crafted with 95% tungsten, the darts boast a specialty barrel shape that is meticulously balanced for precision throwing. The high tungsten content gives the darts a slim profile, allowing for tighter groupings on the board—a crucial factor for players who aim to maximize scoring.

Performance: In play, the GEN 5 darts deliver a consistent trajectory and pinpoint accuracy, attributes that advanced players will capitalize on. The weight distribution caters to players accustomed to a heavier dart, ensuring stability throughout the throw.

Accessories: The Power Titanium G5 Shaft and Diamond Pro Point complement the barrels, ensuring that the dart's flight is stable and the entry into the board is sharp and precise. The Ultra.Ghost+ flights are the finishing touch, providing aerodynamic perfection to each throw.

Specifications: With a weight of 26 grams, a barrel length of 41.70mm, and a diameter of 7.85mm, these darts offer a substantial presence in hand, suited for those who prefer a heftier dart.

Conclusion: The Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five GEN 5 Darts, retailing at over AUD$200, are a premium offering in the darts market. Their price is reflective of the high-quality materials, advanced grip technology, and association with a darting legend. For serious players looking to emulate ‘The Power’, or those simply seeking a top-tier dart set, the GEN 5 provides an exceptional experience.

Rating: 4.9/5