Target Phil Taylor Power 24g 9Five GEN 5 Darts

Rating: 4.8/5

Target's Phil Taylor Power 9Five GEN 5 Darts are more than just a set of darts—they are a tribute to a legend's career. These 24-gram beauties resonate with the class and precision that Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, a 16-time World Champion, showcased throughout his illustrious career.

Craftsmanship and Quality: 5/5

The darts boast a remarkable 95% tungsten construction, providing a dense and slim profile for optimal aerodynamics. Every barrel has undergone a meticulous cutting process, incorporating Target's exclusive Trapezoidal Grip technology. This unique grip pattern offers an unparalleled level of control, which feels both aggressive and reassuring in the hand.

Design and Appearance: 5/5

The design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The hand sandblasted matte texture at the rear of the barrel not only enhances grip but also adds an elite visual element that sets these darts apart. With Phil Taylor’s signature and the Target logo laser etched onto the surface, they exude a sense of exclusivity.

Durability and Build: 4.5/5

Target doesn't hold back on durability—the Blush Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride coating is not just for show. It promises extended protection for the barrel, ensuring these darts maintain their condition and performance over time. While the coating is robust, the sandblasted section may show signs of wear after extensive use, which is the only factor preventing a perfect score in this category.

Performance: 4.8/5

At 24 grams, the weight is ideal for those who prefer a heavier dart, and the specialized barrel shape caters to Phil Taylor’s stacking style of play. However, it may take a while for players to adapt to the unique balance if they're accustomed to a more conventional barrel design.

Accessories and Extras: 5/5

Completing the package are the Ultra.Ghost+ flights and Power Titanium G5 Shafts, which ensure stability in flight and contribute to the overall sleek design. The Diamond Pro Point provides superior board grip, reducing bounce-outs.

Overall Impression: The Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five GEN 5 darts are engineered for the enthusiast and the professional alike, promising an experience that lives up to the reputation of their namesake. With exceptional grip, striking design, and a high-quality finish, they offer an outstanding blend of style and substance, deserving of the 4.8/5 rating. Whether you're looking to enhance your game or own a piece of darting history, these darts won't disappoint.