Target Cult Swiss Point 01 21 gram Darts

When I saw these as part of the Target new releases I was intrigued to say the least. I own a set of Target Carrera C3, and was certain that Target had no way of producing something of the same technical beauty again. I’ll leave the final decision to you but as far as looks go, I think Target may have hit the mark again. 

The 01 style 21 gram barrel is 52mm long and tapers from a little over 3.5mm at the nose, to its full 6.9mm diameter at around 24mm to form part of a plain polished band half way along the length of the barrel. The front and rear grip sections are made up of small hexagonal ‘pads’ that are in alternate lines of four and five pads either side of the plain centre band, and separated from each other by grooved bands. It’s hard to describe exactly what the pads look like, but suffice to say that it’s an interesting and effective finger grip. The barrels are finished with a black PVD coating, the only exception being the plain silver band around the centre. The grip is based on the grip profile seen on previous Elysian barrels.  

The darts are finished with plain gold effect 26mm Swiss Points and the new gold and black Pro Grip Evo shafts and the Cult styled flights to finish the package. 

Surprisingly the points, although smooth don’t feel like they’re about to fall out of the board when retrieved like some plain finished points. Being Swiss Points, makes it easy to change out to something that suits individual tastes and needs, in a choice of 3 colours and a heap of different styles, and they can be removed and replaced with the Swiss Point tool provided with the darts, simple. 

At the board they’re a set that actually feels very thin in the hand. Even the 21g barrels feel slim and elegant with a very positive but not aggressive grip. They require a firm hand but not a clamping grip. They are easy to hold and even easier to throw. At the Oche it took no time at all to get the hang of these barrels, providing satisfying results in all the practice drills. If anything, for me I found that using a set of standard short Pro Grip shafts produced better results, but that could just be me. The grip would rate at 2.5-3 out of 5 definitely not extreme but it’s there in a pleasant way, making them an easy set to get along with. 

Overall they would rate 4 out of 5, well priced for a very nice looking, easy to throw set. They7 are finished in black PVD with machined natural highlights. My only concern in playing with a set like this would be that they ‘age’ prematurely because of collision damage during play causing damage on the coating. 

Love the look and feel of these guys.