Shot Zen Budo 24 gram Steel Tip Darts

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Shot Zen Budo 24 gram Steel Tip Darts

This is what is traditionally described as a bomb shaped barrel.

At 38mm it’s not a length that I would normally play with and the 9mm diameter makes i6 it a ‘big’ dart. It’s described as centre weighted, but looking at the barrel in profile it would appear otherwise.

The number of grooves on the barrel ensures that there are no slip points (I’ve played with similar shaped barrels that have more smooth areas than grooves).

The barrel is made up of a tapered nose approximately 8mm long the barrel then has a parallel section that is about 6mm long and has 3 rounded grooves about 1mm wide.

From this point the barrel begins to taper off toward the shaft end. All the way along the barrel is adorned with a series of grooves that alternate from shallow and narrow to a repeat of the rounded grooves, and finishing with two sets of double grooves equally spaced at the end of the barrel.

Throwing these is great fun! They’re a bit heavier than my regulars but all the same they fly consistently and straight. The barrels are supplied with Shots Aluminum Pyramid shafts in the in-between length, a perfect match for the barrel length. The Zen Budo 100 Micron Small Standard Flights are the finishing touch for the package.

This would have to be one of the few sets that “worked” straight out of the box without any tweaking at all.

This is a set of darts that works for absolutely any one at all from beginners to seasoned players, if there was anything to change, it would have been nice if they could have made the diameter a little smaller. Otherwise another great set from Shot.

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