Shot Tribal Weapon Savage 25 gram Steel Tip Darts

Specs as reviewed-

Weight - 25g

Length - 42mm

Max Diameter - 8.0mm

90% Tungsten


I’ll start with a few general observations.


At 8 mm in diameter the Tribal Weapon Savage darts are toward the upper end in the thickness scale, yet they feel much thinner in the hand.


The 42 mm barrel length again, is misleading. The barrels don’t feel in anyway wanting for additional length, for that matter they want for nothing. These darts are in my opinion the culmination of all the best bits of previous versions of the Tribal Weapon Series.

The 42 mm is a really simple design profile, an elliptical nose, followed by a slight scallop that contains the ringed grip profile, making up the front half of the barrel.


The rear half of the barrel is mainly a machined, tapered section that takes the barrel from its maximum diameter of 8.0 mm to meet the diameter of the Tao carbon shaft perfectly.


The rear grip machined into the barrel is very similar to the grip shot used on their Pyramid dart shafts, with the addition of six axial grooves the resulting 6 grip pads were divided into two on each pad, providing the perfect rear grip.


Combined with the almost parallel front half profile the result is a barrel with a comfortable yet compact barrel and grip. An easy to dart to throw, almost any player could use these darts.


The darts are shipped in standard styled packaging. The base tray being almost identical to every other darts packaging Shot uses.


The darts are shipped with Tao Carbon shafts in “In Between “length with Shot Tribal Weapon styled No6 flights. The shafts are supplied with spring rings and the supplied flights are pre-punched for the rings. The darts are ultimately completed with the addition of 35mm Shot Tribal dart points, grip points by any other name.


So, what are they like to play with?


Let me just say, I threw these without modifying or tuning in any way and they were an easy or natural set of shorter barrels to throw. 


They are clearly a well-designed, well balanced set of tungsten darts, anyone, well almost anyone who throws shorter darts would find these a comfortable addition to their arsenal.


Like many short barrelled darts they are slightly front loaded.


It took literally no time to adapt to these darts, the great grip is almost intuitive and according to the Shot data they rate the grip at 4.5 out of 5.0, although I feel they are nowhere near that aggressive and put them at 3.0 out of 5.0.


Putting them through some practice drills I found them to be some of the easiest darts in this style to control. If I wasn’t happy with the darts I was playing with now, I’d be tempted to use these in their place. These are not only fun but great value over all. They look great and while Shot promotes them as an aggressive gripped darts I feel they are more practical than aggressive and would rate them as a 4.0 out of 5.0 overall.