Shot Bandit Bristle Dartboard

The Shot range of bandit boards are some of the better examples on the market at the moment.

Looking at the product finish the whole range cries out quality, it can be seen in the finish of the board, the bright vibrant colours and the inclusions.

The Bandit like the Bandit Duro has the latest in Shot’s dartboard innovation whereby the standard metal band on the outside of the board has become the base for the ‘updated’ number ring retaining structure. A ‘plastic’ cover is now over the outer band, containing the clips that hold the number ring in place. By incorporating this change Shot have streamlined the face of the board and removed the 4 square retaining lugs. The result is a cleaner, clearer finish. The non-scoring outer portion of the face seems bigger, likely because the wire portion of number ring is painted black and the numbers are white. The Board Brand and model are presented once at the top and once at the bottom removing unnecessary distractions from the playing area.

The innovation while a fresh look comes at a cost, lights like the Torus 270 that clip on require additional effort to mount the light and even then, with limited success. The clips ended up ‘stretched’ and didn’t sit properly. I had only minimal distortion but it’s there.

Lights that mount like the Target Corona use the metal outer of the board, on the Bandit its covered with the plastic revised retainer and no longer suitable for magnetic mounts. It can be overcome by using self-adhesive magnetic tape but again it comes down to how much trouble you want to go to. I did email Shot themselves directly and they confirmed my concerns and said they were in the process of addressing this issue, no new information on a new Shot light system has surfaced yet !

On the positive side, the board comes with a whole heap of extras, or accessories if you like.

The board is ready to mount with an included U bracket system that makes rotating the board easy, 4 firm foam wedges and would you believe a tape measure and a mounting instruction leaflet.

This is one of my favourite boards; it’s just an all-round fun board to play on but mainly

  • it’s quiet when played on
  • the sisal is well packed not too hard not too soft – just right
  • The self-healing properties are great
  • Even with smooth points the board ‘grabs’ the points
  • The colours are bright and stand out
  • Easy to set up even for new players
  • No special tools required for a basic installation– they’re all provided you just need a screwdriver and a pencil
  • The supplied mounting hardware make it so easy to rotate the board regularly promoting even wear
  • Great price point and excellent value for money
  • Made in New Zealand by one of the innovators of dartboard technology


Let’s put it this way, there is a huge variety of bristle boards available on the market, the prices range from exceptional value for money to absolutely crazy. The real test of value is down to the end user, the consumer.

At the end of the day we live in a world dictated to by who can promote their product the best, not necessarily what is the best product or what features make a great board.

I like it for me it would have been 4.5 out of 5 if there was a simple solution to light mounting but it’s only a 4 out of 5 because it needs to be fiddled with.