Road to Ally Pally PDC Darts Super Series



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The Road to Ally Pally Darts is in its third year. In 2021 you can also earn your place to participate in the final game during the World Championship Darts in Alexandra Palace. The prize pool is set at £6,401 and the winner receives £2,133.67!

For now there are 37 qualifiers and 87 spots available, but this may be expanded when the PDC announces a full calendar. The big TV tournaments are certainly not to be missed. With the PDC Super Series 6 you already have a chance for £2.56 and you can win 2 tickets.

Zweeler has a game for the full PDC Super Series 6. This means that before the first tournament you assemble a team that can then score points for three days. One less day does not therefore have to be immediately fatal.

The Fantasy PDC Super Series 6 (RtAP) starts on Monday 2 August 2021 at 13:00 hours CET.

You can choose 22 darts players from 8 different groups of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy PDC Super Series 6 (RtAP).

The game will cost £2.56 per team and there will be 2 tickets to win for the End Game of the Road to Ally Pally. One ticket entitles you to make one team in the End Game of the Road to Ally Pally.

The prize pool of the End Game is £6,401 with a 1st prize of £2,133 All tickets have a value of at least £21.34!

Groups PDC Super Series Darters:

1 A De Sousa, Jose

2 A Price, Gerwyn

3 A Wright, Peter

4 A Gerwen, Michael van

5 A Bergh, Dimitri Van den

6 A Clayton, Jonny

7 B Smith, Michael

8 B Dolan, Brendan

9 B Cullen, Joe

10 C Duijvenbode, Dirk van

11 C Ratajski, Krzysztof

12 C Humphries, Luke

13 C Bunting, Stephen

14 C Searle, Ryan

15 C Aspinall, Nathan

16 C Wade, James

17 D Noppert, Danny

18 D Lewis, Adrian

19 D Heta, Damon

20 D King, Mervyn

21 D Clemens, Gabriel

22 D Dobey, Chris

23 E Kleermaker, Martijn

24 E Barneveld, Raymond van

25 E Smith, Ross

26 E Cross, Rob

27 E Voort, Vincent van der

28 E Rydz, Callan

29 E Chisnall, Dave

30 F Meulenkamp, Ron

31 F Joyce, Ryan

32 F Gurney, Daryl

33 F Kuivenhoven, Maik

34 F Labanauskas, Darius

35 F Mitchell, Scott

36 F Petersen, Devon

37 F Schindler, Martin

38 F Soutar, Alan

39 F White, Ian

40 F Whitlock, Simon

41 G Lowe, Jason

42 G Rodriguez, Rowby-John

43 G Wattimena, Jermaine

44 G Krcmar, Boris

45 G Woodhouse, Luke

46 G Kciuk, Krzysztof

47 G Zonneveld, Niels

48 G Huybrechts, Kim

49 G Zwaan, Jeffrey de

50 G Edhouse, Ritchie