Review of Winmau Simon Whitlock Urban Grip 22 gram Darts

Embrace the craftsmanship and expert engineering that defines the Winmau Simon Whitlock Urban Grip 22 gram Darts, a set designed to elevate the game of any aspiring champion. Made with a 90% tungsten composition, these darts promise a slender and elegant profile combined with a weight that lends itself to precise throwing and optimal control.

General Description: The Simon Whitlock Urban Grip darts capture the essence of the master's precision on the oche. The balance is meticulously refined to suit a direct trajectory, while the grip provides a tactile experience that anchors the player's touch at the moment of release. The 22-gram weight is ideal for those who prefer a lighter dart, offering swift flight and the ability to hit those hard-to-reach triples and doubles.

Barrel Specifications:

  • Material: The high-density 90% tungsten alloy allows for a slimmer barrel, providing tighter grouping and maximizing scoring potential.
  • Weight: At 22 grams, these darts offer a lighter throw, which can result in less arm strain and improved endurance over long matches.
  • Length: A 50.80mm barrel length ensures that the dart sits comfortably between fingers, facilitating a stable and consistent grip.
  • Diameter: With a 7.00mm diameter, these barrels provide a substantial surface for a firm grasp without being bulky, aiding in a smooth release.
  • Shape: The speciality barrel shape, adorned with Urban Grip, is not only visually striking but also functionally designed to provide various grip points, allowing players to find and maintain their ideal hold on the dart.

Playing Experience: The Simon Whitlock Urban Grip darts are tailored for players seeking to emulate 'The Wizard's' pinpoint accuracy. From the moment these darts are in hand, players will feel a boost in confidence, knowing they are equipped with a set that combines aesthetic finesse with performance excellence.