Review of Winmau Simon Whitlock Onyx 21 gram Steel Tip Darts

Winmau Simon Whitlock Onyx 21g Steel Tip Darts Review

Product Overview: Designed with personal insights from the "Wizard" himself, Simon Whitlock, these Onyx 21 gram Steel Tip Darts from Winmau blend craftsmanship and performance suited for a champion. Each dart is meticulously crafted using 90% tungsten alloy, embodying the precision and flair that Simon Whitlock brings to the oche. These darts are tailored for those who demand a special balance of precision and versatility.

Design and Features: The darts feature a distinctive 50.80mm long barrel with a diameter of 7.15mm and a unique specialty shape that enhances grip and throw consistency. Coated with a sleek Onyx finish, these darts offer a visually striking appearance coupled with functional design elements like Prism Alpha Standard Extra Thick flights and Vecta Short shafts, promising enhanced aerodynamics and in-flight stability.

Performance and Comfort: The Simon Whitlock Onyx darts are designed for players looking for a competitive edge. The unique barrel design and superior tungsten material ensure a comfortable grip and consistent release, making them perfect for players who rely on precision scoring and high checkouts.

Packaging and Accessories: The set includes three darts, complemented by Prism Alpha flights and Vecta shafts, delivering a complete package for serious dart players. Keep in mind that packaging, shafts, and flights may vary over time as product enhancements are introduced.

Who is Simon Whitlock? Simon Whitlock, often referred to as "The Wizard," is celebrated for his exceptional skills in darting circuits, especially noted for his explosive scoring and high checkouts. The Australian darts player has made significant marks in major tournaments, with his aggressive playing style and resilience. Whitlock's input in designing these darts reflects his deep understanding of what professional players need for top-level performance.