Review of Winmau Michael van Gerwen Authentic 24 gram Darts

The Winmau Michael van Gerwen Authentic 24g Darts encapsulate the essence of one of darts' living legends. Crafted with 85% tungsten, these darts are an amalgamation of the classical and the contemporary, mirroring MvG’s dominance on the world stage with their proven, major-winning ring-grip design.

An embodiment of Winmau’s commitment to excellence, these darts boast a pencil barrel shape, which is highly favoured among players for its consistent feel and balance. The barrel length and diameter have been optimized to suit a wide range of throwing styles, providing a seamless extension of the player’s intent.

At a dart weight of 24 grams, they strike the perfect balance between heft and manageability, making them suitable for both seasoned professionals and aspiring enthusiasts. The MvG Prism Alpha flights are visually striking and engineered to deliver a stable flight path, while the Prism Force medium shafts ensure a snug fit into the barrel, minimizing wobble and enhancing accuracy.

Not just a set of darts, but a piece of professional darts history, the Authentic MvG darts are your chance to play with equipment designed to world-champion standards. With the premium MvG Aluminium Point Protector, your darts are safeguarded with the same precision as they are thrown.