Review of Winmau Mervyn King ONYX 24g Darts

Discover the expert craftsmanship and meticulous design of the Winmau Mervyn King ONYX 24g Darts, a set that embodies the essence of precision and consistency required by one of the circuit’s most respected players. These darts, with their unique onyx coating and match weighed precision, are the very darts that ‘The King’ himself insists upon to maintain his competitive edge.

General Description: With Mervyn King's rigorous standards applied to their creation, these darts offer a distinctive aesthetic, coupled with a level of balance and control that professional darters seek. The onyx coating is not just about stunning looks—it's about providing a consistent grip along the scalloped barrel, allowing for a throw that is both stable and forceful.

Barrel Specifications:

  • Material: A robust 90% tungsten core is at the heart of each barrel, providing a slim and sleek profile that can cut through the air with minimal resistance.
  • Weight: At 24 grams, these darts provide a substantial presence without being unwieldy, perfect for players who prefer a mid-weight dart.
  • Length: The 50.80mm barrel length is an optimal size that allows players to comfortably find their grip without adjusting their natural throwing motion.
  • Diameter: The 6.50mm diameter ensures that while the dart is easy to hold, it remains thin enough to allow tight groupings.
  • Shape: The scalloped barrel offers natural grip positions for consistent finger placement, enhancing control and allowing for a repeatable throw every time.

Playing Experience: Players will find that the Winmau Mervyn King ONYX darts encourage a stable hand position and promote a smooth release. The subtle scallop allows for slight adjustments in grip to correct for throw variations, ensuring that each dart flies true to its target. Whether aiming for the trebles or doubling out, these darts can facilitate the pinpoint accuracy required to dominate the game.