Review of the Harrows ICE Recut 26 Gram Steel Tip Darts

Introduction: Elevate your darts game with the Harrows ICE Recut 26 gram Steel Tip Darts, a pinnacle of precision and craftsmanship from Harrows. These darts combine advanced manufacturing techniques and top-tier materials to deliver unparalleled performance.

Design and Build Quality: Crafted at the Harrows headquarters, the ICE Recut darts boast a 90% tungsten composition, ensuring a slim and dense barrel that promotes a consistent throw. The barrels feature a parallel shape enhanced with ice effect precision milling and a mix of intricate ring cuts. These elements not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look but also offer an excellent grip for precise control.

Finish and Aesthetics: Each dart is finished with a robust black titanium nitride coating paired with a striking blue metallic coating. This not only ensures durability against wear and tear but also gives the darts a visually impressive finish that stands out during play.

Technical Specifications: The darts come in a pencil shape with a barrel length of 51.00mm and a diameter of 7.10mm, making them ideal for players who prefer a heavier, more substantial dart. The weight distribution and the design of the barrel allow for smooth flights and pinpoint accuracy.

Accessories: Harrows ICE Recut darts are equipped with Silver Supergrip Carbon midi shafts and new 100 micron ICE flights, ensuring stable flight and exceptional balance. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05g, emphasizing Harrows' commitment to precision.

Conclusion: The Harrows ICE Recut 26 gram Steel Tip Darts are perfect for serious dart players seeking top-level performance with a touch of style. Whether for competitive play or casual practice, these darts offer a blend of technology and functionality that can help enhance any player's game.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 - Highly recommended for their superior design, exceptional balance, and the precision they bring to every game.