Review of Target Yohkoh 03 22g Darts

Target Yohkoh 03 22g Darts – Exceptional Balance and Precision for Every Throw

Unveil the precision and performance with the Target Yohkoh 03 22g darts, an exemplary choice for dart enthusiasts aiming for perfection and control. Engineered for excellence, these darts provide an ideal combination of technical sophistication and aesthetic elegance, making them a favourite across different levels of dart players.

Design & Features:

  • Barrel: Crafted with 80% tungsten, these darts boast a robust and heavy-duty construction that is necessary for enhanced control and consistency. The barrel length of 49.5mm and a diameter of 7.05mm provide a specialized shape that optimizes grip and balance.
  • Coating & Finish: Each barrel is coated with a black PVD performance coating, followed by a meticulous sandblasting process for a distinctive matte finish. The radial grooves are re-machined to expose a vibrant silver finish that not only looks striking but also enhances the grip during play.
  • Shafts and Flights: Equipped with Target Pro Grip shafts and vibrant signature Yohkoh flights, these darts ensure excellent aerodynamic stability to help reduce drag, improving the precision of each throw.

Performance: The Target Yohkoh 03 22g darts are tailored to suit all throwing styles and techniques. Their balanced profiles and detailed grip design allow players to achieve a higher level of accuracy and consistency, whether in practice or competitive play.