Review of Shot Zen Roshi 23g Darts

The Shot Zen Roshi 23g darts are an exemplar of Shot Darts' dedication to creating darts that promote not just skill, but also a state of focus and calm. Drawing inspiration from Zen practices, these darts are designed to eliminate distractions and enhance concentration, providing the player with a tool that encourages a serene approach to the game.

Barrel Specifications:

  • Material: Comprised of 90% tungsten, these barrels offer a slim profile for tight groupings, a feature that can improve scoring potential significantly.
  • Weight: At 23 grams, the darts have a medium weight, offering a balance between heft and finesse, which many players might find ideal.
  • Length: The barrel length of 46.00mm is somewhat shorter than average, giving the darts a sturdier front-weighted feel that can improve control during the throw.
  • Diameter: With a 7.60mm diameter, these darts offer a substantial feel, allowing for a solid grip, which is particularly beneficial during high-pressure shots.
  • Shape: The speciality shape includes a mix of micro rings at the front and a blend of ring and scallop grips throughout the barrel, catering to players who prefer multiple grip options.

Design Aesthetics:

  • Finish: The barrels are coated in black titanium, enhancing their durability and providing a sleek appearance that complements the stealthy design philosophy.
  • Grip: The combination of micro rings, positive ring, and scallop grips, along with the strategically placed push points, offer a versatile dart for various throwing styles.

In essence, the Shot Zen Roshi darts are about achieving precision through simplicity. The carefully considered grip and the front-weighted design speak to a dart that aims to assist the player in reaching a state of pure focus.