Review of Red Dragon Peter Wright Snakebite 21g World Champion 2020 Edition Darts

The Red Dragon Peter Wright Snakebite 21g World Champion 2020 Edition Darts are steeped in the legacy of a world champion. These aren’t just darts; they’re a slice of darting history, representing Peter Wright's relentless quest for the perfect set that culminated in his 2020 World Championship win.

Crafted from 90% tungsten, these darts exhibit a unique and revolutionary grip — a modified Razor Edge profile that has been finely tuned to Peter’s exact specifications. This innovative design optimizes Wright’s dynamic throwing style, offering an unparalleled grip that complements his flamboyant, precise play.

The darts themselves are a marvel of engineering, with a dual PVD coating that not only adds a stunning visual appeal but also provides a tactile experience that Wright himself described as “absolutely perfect.” The balance and feel of these darts allow for a controlled throw with consistent hand placement, a critical factor that enables a player to execute shots with confidence.

The World Champion 2020 Edition is designed for the dart player who demands the best. They come equipped with Hardcore Extra Thick Standard flights that aid in creating stable flight paths, essential for maintaining the accuracy needed to dominate the game. The medium Nitrotech Polycarbonate shafts add an extra level of resilience and style to the setup.

Peter Wright's journey to World Champion was one of dedication, fine-tuning, and a touch of magic — qualities that are encapsulated in these special edition darts. When you hold them, you're not just holding a set of high-calibre darts; you're holding a piece of darting excellence, precision-engineered to help you find your own perfect game. Whether you're a fan of Snakebite or a serious player looking for an edge, the Peter Wright Snakebite 21g World Champion 2020 Edition Darts offer a winning combination that's hard to beat.

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