Review of Harrows Fire Inferno 23g Steel Tip Darts

The Harrows Fire Inferno 23g Steel Tip Darts are a testament to precision engineering and advanced manufacturing, crafted for players who demand nothing less than the best. They encapsulate a fierce playing style with their dynamic grip and striking aesthetics, a choice that reflects the fiery spirit of a passionate dart player.

General Description: With an aggressive name like Fire Inferno, these darts promise high performance and do not disappoint. They're designed with a complex grip sequence achieved through fire effect, bi-lateral milling, and reverse ring cuts, making each dart a masterpiece of tungsten craftsmanship. The front-tapered barrel allows for swift releases, while the intense colour scheme of black titanium nitride and metallic red coatings not only looks spectacular but provides a durable finish that can withstand the heat of any match.

Barrel Specifications:

  • Material: A robust 90% tungsten composition for a professional-grade heft and slender profile.
  • Weight: At 23 grams, these darts offer a substantial presence without compromising on manoeuvrability.
  • Length: A length of 50.00mm, designed for a comfortable hold and consistent hand positioning.
  • Diameter: The 7.50mm diameter provides a substantial area for assured grip, suitable for a variety of grip styles.
  • Shape: The speciality barrel shape, combined with the unique grip sequence, ensures a firm hold and consistent finger placement, leading to precise throws.

In the Box:

  • Red Supergrip Ignite shafts add a visual pop and ensure stability in flight.
  • The 100 micron Fire flights complement the darts' aesthetic while maintaining a stable trajectory.
  • Match weighed to +/- 0.05g for unparalleled consistency.