Red Dragon Peter Wright 24 gram Steel Tip Darts

Key Features:

Length – 50.8mm

Maximum Diameter - 7.0 mm

Tapered Barrel

Rear loaded

90% Tungsten

Definitely not a new design from Red Dragon although, it has been re-released in a few different permutations – the Medusa PL15 and, Blue PL15, available in a few different weights with the variation in design being the thickness of the barrel.

It’s a really simple but effective design, starting at 3.5mm diameter at the nose. The barrel then tapers to its full diameter of 7.0mm over 23mm, with 3 equally spaced ‘u’ shaped rings. Where the nose ends the primary grip zone begins, a 21.5mm long section of fine shark grip begins, at the end of the grip the final 6mm are plain and taper away to meet the shaft, marked with the Red Dragon logo and the Snakebite image.

The best Darts are shipped in Snakebite themed slide out box, they come with 27mm rainbow points and White Medium length Nitrotech shaft finished with Hardcore Peter Wright Snakebite Black snake Transparent Hardcore Dart Flights.

From the moment I unpacked these darts there was nothing I could fault.

Straight out of the packaging they had a comfortable feeling in the hand for someone with a dominant rear grip they are a natural choice, and while the grip isn’t extremely finger sticking good, its still positive in a good way.

It takes a few walks to the board before I settled into a steady rhythm of being able to land them close to where I wanted them, and after an hour or so of unpacking them I was confident enough to take them on a run in the real world – to our regular social game. I did however make one modification, and that was to swap out the medium Nitrotech shafts for a set of short ones.

The pressure was on, and I found that the combination of weight and configuration worked well for me and after settling into the practice rhythm I established at home the results and a good partner got us into a 4 way play off.

Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be on this occasion but, to feel confident enough to take a new set out on a run within hours of receiving them says a lot for the type and quality of the darts Red Dragon produce.

Yes I like Red Dragon Darts, they don’t always like me but on the whole they live up to their sales cry – Darts that Deliver. In this case they did for me.

The grip is really only 2.0 out of 5, but overall the darts are great value for money, if you like to play with a rear loaded barrel then dollar for dollar these are great value.

4.0 Out of 5.0 over all!