Red Dragon Monza - Snakebite Green Dart Case

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Red Dragon Monza - Snakebite Green Dart Case

This is my perfect case! I’m a Peter Wright fan, but that aside, inside it’s everything I look for.

I have tried cases of all shapes sizes and brands, but nothing comes close to the versatility of the Monza.

Physically it’s a little larger than its competition. But inside, where it counts is where its streets ahead in my eyes.

Looking at the ‘lid’, there is a single zip secured pocket to hold all the fiddly bits you like to have in your case – stems and the like. There is also a ‘net’ style pocket that allows you to keep larger stuff secure – flights sharpeners and so on.

The area where this case is ahead is the darts storage section. Other cases use slot cut foam or even moulded flocked plastic inserts with elastic straps to hold the darts in place.

This Monza uses a foam block that has purpose cut slots, with a “hole” to hold the dart barrel firmly in place. The hole is small enough to hold the smallest 6mm barrel and although the foam insert is quite firm the hole will accept and “clamp” much larger barrels. I have to point out that the case holds a fully assembled set of darts. The case is tall enough to allow the darts to be in an X formation or in a vertical T style package.

The case comes well presented in Red Dragon Packaging and, comes supplied with a wrist strap that attaches simply to a tag on the side of the case in seconds.

The Monza series comes in 4 designs, that said I like the Snakebite version but there is a Blue, Grey & Red/White option as well – a great single set case.

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